Updating firmware, drivers on my new ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5

A few things here I hope some of you can help me with.

Can the drivers be updated on the ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 within a Mac OS X computer?

If I cannot update the drivers because I don't own a Windows PC, can I use the wheel base out of the box without updating the drivers, with my Xbox One?

If I use the wheel base out of the box with my Xbox One without updating the drivers, will I be able to successfully update the drivers at a later time with no issues to the wheel base?

If I cannot update the drivers because I do not have a Windows PC, is there a way to find out what drivers are already installed on the shipped ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5?

I should note that I will be using the Universal Hub and a GT wheel with this base.

Thanks for any help with this. 😄


  • Hi, so you're talking about the firmware of the wheel base, not the driver. Of course you can use the wheel base out-of-the-box, although there may be things that have been changed or fixed in newer firmware versions. Updating it later is no problem. You will need to update the firmware via the Fanatec driver installed on a Windows PC. There is no MacOS version of the driver.

    When you start the wheel base with a steering wheel attached, after the auto-calibration has finished two numbers will be displayed on the display of the steering wheel. The first is the wheel base firmware version, the second is the motor firmware version.

  • The Xbox Hub needs no firmware updates by the way.

    I have been in the same situation as you, loaning a laptop from a friend to update the drivers (and some other gear) from time to time.

    Eventually I bought a cheap laptop to do updates of various gear and play around with Windows a bit to get the feel again (I used Windows before Mac, up to XP)

    Now I am installing a full desktop again.

  • How about if you get the hardware for the ps4, like v3 pedals or f1 wheel, should update the firmware on the PC then connect it to the PS4?

  • Yes, everything needs to be updated via the PC, you can't update on a console.

    The steering wheels that need updates (like F1) update while connected to the base.

    Pedals however do not, you have to connect the pedals via USB directly to the PC to update them. After that you plug them back into your base.

  • When I first bought my Fanatec gear I had the same issue and had considered picking up a cheap second hand Windows laptop. However, I tried installing Windows on my Mac via Bootcamp and that worked fine to update Fanatec gear. You can also do the same via Parallels.

  • Thanks everyone! This is great to know! I am currently gathering a few parts to make a custom racing rig. When I have it together and start racing with my Fanatec equipment I will post back here!

    Thanks everyone!😁

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