Are Fanatec products any good?

Are Fanatec product any good? If they are anything like their website, then I would stay away.

1) Today I tried to add


to the shopping cart, it is just impossible to do that. Tried 3 different kinds of browsers, in vain. What kind of e-commerce site is Fanatec running? I only hope their products and customer service is NOT like their website.

2) I set the region to us-en and it kept going back to eu-en, show German salutation/ euro pricing and VAT

3) Kinda dumb to exclude US from Black Friday sale.

Anyone else here faced with similar issues?


  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
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    i have had logitech, thrustmaster, that one pictured and currently have a dd1 for ps4. like all things there are challenges, but its actually a very versatile system.

    i have used the csl on ps4 and pc , i liked both fanatec systems better than my thrustmaster t300 with t3pa pro. its relatively comparable in price if u add a loadcell to either T3PA-PRO or csl pedals, i actually think the csl loadcell is better in price , functionality and adjustment in base is killer!

    there are other features the fanatec systems have which put them way ahead of the thrustmaster too.

    the logitech g29/920 really is no comparison at all. sorry logitech, i still here the terrible gear noises from logitech of old in my nightmares.

    if you play 1 game, get the best base for that game, if you want something to use and enjoy on many games buy a fanatec.

    p.s. if you can swing it, get the v3 pedals and the performance kit, worth the money to have vibrators!


  • Thank You! Aaron..I have used Logitech G29 and Thrustmaster T300, felt it's time to upgrade. V3 Pedal is little too pricey for me. But I am interested in the performance kit,..can you share more info with me please.

  • the performance kit is only for the v3 pedals.

    (csl pro) the csl elite with loadcell pedals come with adjustment bushings as well , i liked the hardest setting w/ in base brf (brakeforce) setting of 40ish.

    i currently have the v3i with performance kit, however i want to add the extra gas strut to the accelerator too.

  • I have the same problem. Can't add these two products in my shopping cart. Did you find a way to purchase? Thank you

  • I used to have the damper kit, but the resistance it adds wasn't smooth enough; it was kind of stuttery. I replaced it with the BPK and it made a significant difference.

  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
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    cool, BPK is a v3 👍 necessity.

    i have v3i which come with the gas strut on the brake too, i run BPK 013/013 green and gas strut at 4 i think?

    i actually run them both together and i think the gas strut damper is to keep the pedal at or return to resting position and why u felt that.

    tech support swears the strut is meant for pressure resistance (as in hard on the in stroke), but 🤷‍♂️ probably losing something in translation? i run a hard pedal with the strut neutral to satisfy all.

    i want a gas strut for my accelerator too, i tried the hard spring for it and it hurt my foot thru a sparco boot, too hard.

    its cool asf to have that option and not have to take shocks off one off my rc cars like people do with thrustmaster or logitech pedals. 👏

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    My Thrustmaster T300 was broken after ten Days ...

    Never again Thrustmaster ! 😉

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