How to change to compatibility mode?

I have DD1 with podium-steering-wheel-r300, this has dual adjustable button clusters. I want to change to v2.5 compatibility mode. How do I do that? I searched around but couldn't find the button combo. Can this be done in the software (FanaLab) somewhere?




  • I have this wheel too. This is an old comment but I'm going to reply because this is the first hit for this question on Google and it'd be nice if someone would answer it for others even if you've already figured it out.

    To put the R300 Podium wheel with the ClubSport button cluster pack in to CS2.5 compatibility mode, ensure it's connected to the PC and powered on. With the ClubSport button cluster pack installed on the wheel you'll have two 3-button clusters, - one on the left side of the wheel and one on the right side. If you have an LCD on the DD1 or DD2 should show "PC" in the upper left corner by default. Hold the LEFT-MOST button on the LEFT 3-button cluster, and while holding that button, press the CENTER button on the RIGHT 3-button cluster. Release both buttons.

    Windows should "ding" and the wheel should disconnect and re-connect to Windows, which will then re-discover the wheel as a CS2.5 compatible wheel. The LCD on the DD1 or DD2 should now read "CS2.5" in the upper left corner. That's it! To toggle back to normal DD1/DD2 mode, just use the same button combination. You can easy switch back and forth as needed.

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