The speedometer in Porche wheel is not going further then 255 KMH

With my new porsche and endurance unit the speedometer is starting again at 1 after it reaches 255 KMPH. Zo when drive 280 kmph the display shows 025 instead of 280. enyone else this issue. i amusing the latest (beta) firmware and fanalab software


  • This is a very old issue which only happens with wrong software.

    Which driver do you have installed exactly, which firmware is flashed on the Base and which on the BME?

    Which FanaLab version are you running?

    If you would be REALLY all up-to-date then this can't happen so something is not up-to-date on your side.

  • Hello

    I have PC Driver 365

    Wheel base firmware 672

    Wheel base motor firmware 38

    Steering wheel formware 11

    fanalab 1.23 beta

    so am i missing something ?

  • I will downoad the 1.24 beta i just found :)

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