Fanalab won't launch!

I have my fanatec wheel function test properties page saying I have PC driver 347 and WB FW 664 installed. But when I try to launch Fanalab says I need driver 339 installed to run it. I can't find V339 but anyway shouldn't V347 be good enough?

Help - I'm confused!!!


  • You need to install both FanaLab and the driver into their default install paths on drive C, then FanaLab will see the driver correctly.

  • I'm having the same problem. Both items are installed to their default install paths on drive C.

  • I have the Fanalab icon on my desktop. When I click on it, it says "Please Install Fanatec Driver Package before using Fanalab".

    I already have the Fanatec icon on my desktop which when I click on it, it opens and is clearly picking up my steering and pedals as the function test on the propertIes tab shows responsive and fully working wheel and pedals. It says I have PC driver 347 and WB FW: 664.

    Are these two inter-related programs not seeing each other because they may be saved in different root directories? C: and D:? I have been uninstalling and reinstalling both of them because previously I was getting a Fanalab message saying I need driver 339 installed to make Fanalab work. I assume I had both programs in the right place to be even getting that driver message, and that is the initial problem I'm trying to solve.

    Where am I going wrong here? I simply do not understand how to get Fanalab to see that my Fanatec driver is sufficiently up to date. Any help appreciated.

    And the loading of Fanalab only started because my throttle was not working in ACC but is ok on all other games including AC...

  • Yes, that is the cause as I already wrote in the first answer of this thread. You HAVE TO install both FanaLab and the driver into their default install paths on drive C. Do NOT change the install path at all. That's the only way FanaLab can see the driver.

  • Hi Maurice,

    I have just uninstalled both fanalab and fanatec drivers. Now that I am reinstalling the fanatec driver first, the default install path is D:\Program Files\Fanatec\Fanatec Wheel\

    Am I supposed to change this to C:\Program Files\Fanatec\Fanatec Wheel\ or leave it to install where it wants and ensure the fanalab goes to the same drive? If so what where on the D: drive exactly shall I install it?

  • Mohamed EmaraMohamed Emara Member
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    Same issue here after installing the latest driver (64 bit) and fanalab.

    pc driver: 365

    wheel base FW: 672

    wheel base motor: 22

    fanalab 1.23

    Wheel: CSL elite PS4

    Fanalab does not launch.

    Default installation paths are as follows:

    C:\Program files (x86)\Fanatec\Fanalab

    C:\Program\Fanatec\Fanatec wheel

    worth mentioning that there was no issue with previous Fanalabs and drivers. Any ideas guys?

  • I also have the problem that Fanalab starts and crashes shortly afterwards.

    I have now tested this on one Mac with Parallels and Windows 10 and one PC with Windows 10 with the same result. I tested Fanalab 1.12 and 1.23 and the drivers (64bit) 346 and 365.

    Just don't get any further, every time after the start fanalab crashes.

    Anyone else an idea?

  • I had this - lots of details on the Fanalab software -

    Fanalab now works, after I had spent a whole day chasing leads, and could be one of 3 things:

    Installed SimHub - which also installed a whole load of Microsoft Visual C.

    Edited F1 2019 telemetry settings to run with SimHub.

    Ran Ccleaner including a registry clean.

    It is also running fine on Windows 10 Home May 2020 update.

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