Suggestion: ability to rename ‘Setup X’

Hi Fanatec Team,

I have the DD on PS4 and one thing I always have to try and remember is which setup goes with which game. Do you think it would be possible via the fanalab software or properties to rename the setups? This way you could see directly on the podium screen what the specific setup was for... I know I would find this mega useful and I’m sure others would to.

Thanks for your consideration




  • post it note stuck to the wheelbase works. ;-)

  • Ha! I’m looking for a classy solution... like the rest of my Fanatec gear ;)

  • they come in classy colours these days. :-)

    I'm kidding, I'd like this too. The issue is that with only 5 slots, compromises are required.

    I use -

    1. AC and ACC
    2. Dirt 2.0
    3. R3E
    4. RF2
    5. Everything else - change as required
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