Fedex lost my package

I ordered a set of Clubsport v3 on black Friday. They are telling me they don't know where they are and I may have to fill out a claim. If they are lost what happens from here. I think they should buy me a new set because they inconvenienced me but do you really think that will happen? Makes you wonder if UPS would have been a better choice. Any advice will be appreciated.


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    If you didnt require a signature your probably out your pedals. You would have to file it with your homeowners but I bet your homeowners deductible is more then the price of the pedals. Even with a successful claim when I had a signature required it took me 143 days to get payed.

    Order them again but require a signature otherwise you arent getting pedals for a while. I hate fedex ground but it is choosen to keep shipping down. When I saw who they were using I set it up for a signature. At least you only payed BF price.

  • If that is the case I will never order another Fanatec product. Fedex admits the package never made it to my address.

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    Unfortunately Robert its not a Fanatec problem, its a fedex problem. If it never made it you stand a good chance you will be reimbursed but it will take time and of course you BF sale price is gone along with it. People are use to Amazon that replace things within 2 minutes but in reality if Fedex says a "package made it and it was stolen" folks dont realize its not the company that sent it or Fedex's problem but now your problem..It sucks and seems not fair.

    For informational purposes for anyone reading this forum for someone that does alot of business with shipping companies: When ordering something expensive from anyone other then Amazon, require a signature otherwise you are relying on the goodwill of the company shipping the item to replace it.

    Now Fanatec could file a claim with Fedex and send you another set. Let us know how it is resolved.

  • you can always file a claim with paypal which is what im about to do if they dont respond

  • If you paid on PayPal using your credit card you can easily make a claim on your credit card. I always recommend using credit card (even when using PayPal)

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    The seller (Fanatec) has chosen UPS/fedex (?), not the buyer . The signature required is set by the seller (Fanatec), and not by the buyer. 

    Whilst I was a seller any lost packages was claimed against me which was up to me to claim against the courier, as I was the one who selected the courier and that was part of my responsibility. Maybe rules are different on other countries.

  • I disagree with a lot of what some people are saying here.

    Step 1: contact FedEx and have them initiate an investigation. Get a Reference number from them for the investigation file they'll open for you.

    Step 2: Contact your Visa/PayPal/MasterCard and Dispute the charge to your account. This will include any tax or VAT you would have paid.

    Step 3: wait and let the process work itself. It is incredible frustrating but Fanatec turned custody of over to the shipper who has an obligation to deliver A) On time B) To the correct location. Do not expect FedEx to reimburse or but you new pedals. You can be assured that you will not be out of the money.

    Also send an e-mail to Fanatec webshop. Dom has helpped me in the past and those guys at Fanatec will try to help you out. They do take a while to answer e-mails but in my experience, they eventually do. In the past, they've honored special pricing, like BF2019, under unfortunate circumstances like yours. Provide them with the FedEx number and show them that FedEx is investiating the lost package.


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