No power at wheel rim DD2 and Porsche gt3 wheel

Hello all, bought a new dd2 and podium bundle. Used for one night no issues, came back on the next night and the pc/wheel base won’t recognise my wheel rim or buttons. No lights are coming up on the button module almost as if it has no power.

now I’m pretty sure the wheel is on all the way, the bolt port at the bottom lines up perfectly, any ideas? Thanks


  • In the main page when opening the application it is showing only the base with a red circle, a podium hub or the BME?

    Did you check if the small cable connecting the podium hub and the BME is connected?

    What is the base LCD screen showing?

    Do you have another wheel so you can test?

  • The main page just shows the wheel base no wheel, has the like no sign over it.

    the small cable seems plugged in but have tried again still no luck

    the wheel base just comes up with the fanatec logo and has the little pictures on it that say pc, Connect via USB and pedals connected no wheel rim

    unfortunately I don’t have another rim to use

  • Is the wheel firmly pushed in position cause some times it gets stuck not fully in position.

    Also can you check if all the pins are ok and not bend / broken?

    which driver you are using?

  • The pins look all good, and tried using force to push it on further won’t really go any further, would you recommend using a lubricant spray or something?

    um I reckon it’s 356

  • Update, the steering wheel light is not coming up on the wheel base, and applied lubricant to the rubber ring, the wheel hub is on all the way

  • Better create a support ticket through your account in the website.

  • Yeah will do

    Thankyou for the help

    do you know how long that usually takes?

  • No idea from personal experience (touch wood have never faced any issues with my gear) but red through other users that the automated mail says 7 days to reply, but in Fanatec's owners page in Facebook and also here in the forum OPs were reporting 2-3 working days.

    Better take small video with the steps you made and all info regarding drivers, firmware etc, upload in somewhere and attach the links to the ticket. Might save some email exchanges and sort you out quicker.

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