DD1 recenter + high torque without Steeringwheel?

I have a problem with my DD1, it doesn't recognize any steeringwheel anymore. The wheelbase itself works without any problems.

I'm still waiting for Fanatec to answer my RMA request since a week and it looks like nothing will happen anytime soon...

So my question is:

is it possible to recenter the steeringwheel without any button inputs?

And same question for applying the high torque safety question at wheelbase start.

Because I don't see any way to center and activate the torque without any buttons connected to the wheelbase,

if somebody knows a way I would be very thankful!

Then I could at least drive some H-shifter cars, since I'm dying without simracing and I guess it will take Fanatec a long time to even answer my request email due to the covid situation... ;(


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