Question about CSL Elite F1 set (PS4)


I got my first Fanatec product yesterday and I'm loving it.

At the moment I use it only with PS4. Question is should I update firmware with computer or is it necessary cause i'm using wheel with PS4?

Br. Tommi


  • Hello again

    I have another question. I can't find BRF setting in tuning menu. Is this normal? Using those CSL pedals that came with bundle.

    Big thanks for the help in advance!

  • It's always best to connect the Base to a pc and update to the latest firmware to get latest functionality because some new games could only run with newest firmware installed for example.

    Brf is only available when you connect a Load Cell Pedal to the wheel base.

  • One lost question (hopefully)

    I play F1 2020 PS4 at the moment and just noticed that the change in the abs (in wheel tuning menu) settings has no effect at all. Should it be that way?

  • The ABS setting is a feature for the V3 pedals, which have vibration motors on the pedals. If you have the CSL pedals, those don't have motors so you would not feel anything.

    I have the v3s, but I leave this setting off- as far as I can tell it's an artificial setting that just makes the pedals vibrate if I push down hard enough on the breaks - I prefer to leave that to the game to transmit.

    So you're basically not missing anything 😀

  • If you have a steering wheel with vibration motors the ABS setting also triggers those when braking.

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