DD2 & advanced paddle module - constantly freezing

Greetings, guys !

On the short:

Hardware: DD2 wheelbase + porsche 911 Gt3 wheel + button modlule endurance + advanced paddle module

Problem: random freezes, both during practice sessions and official races.

The main symptom is that i am unable to shift gears, the shifting paddles are literally dead, while the rest of the fanatec ecosystem is working. When double-checking on the fanatec wheel property page everything is working, except the paddle shifters (both the big and the small ones, left and right). The hand clutch ones are working.

The only fix for now is powering the wheel off and on, during the initialisation (ingame) my car revs like hell (somehow like being stuck on high revving) then things go to normal, until the next freeze, which of course is not a viable solution.

I can not find a specific trigger for this, it occurs randomly no matter if i am racing or if i am in the pits and as you can probably imagine it is a game breaker.

What i have tried so far:

  • all the drivers, all the firmwares (including the 365 beta)
  • checked all the cables, replugged them again
  • support ticket to FANATEC - with no answer, of course

Please help me find a fix for that as it is totally unacceptable for such a high-end and pricey product to make my life a misery when it comes to racing.


  • Try and ask in the beta 365 thread. I think Marcel can sent you a file in order to avoid freezing.

  • any update on this? Got the same problems developed. In middle of session and lose ability to shift.

  • Apparently after installing the test firmware freezing is fixed (2 days testing), but now fanalab automatically closes when I run iracing, investigating ...

  • I have exactly the same issue (DD2, Porsche wheel rim, BME, advanced paddles). I thought tighten the quick realease as hard as I can solved it, but sadly it doens't (it woprked for quite some time without problems).

    Question to the ones having the same problem. Do your wheel sometimes looses the FFB for some time? Sometimes my wheel (or podium hub, not quite sure) disconnects and while I drive the FFB is gone an after reconnecting (withour me doing anything and still driving in iRcaing) it works normal again.

    Temperature shouldn't be a problem, as my temps are fine (under 40 °C).

    I tried:

    • test drivers
    • tightening the quick realease
    • fresh driver installation
  • Short feedback from my side.

    It seems, that my old DD2 hat some hardware issue with the contacts of the quick realease system. I tried to reconnect the cables when instructed to do so by the support team and that didn't help. My wheel rim was now nearly not recognized anymore. They send me a new DD2 now. Just 1 week after I send them mine! Very quick service! I also have to state, that it took them some days to answer my first suppert request (they obviously are busy), but after that everything really went down quick and very friendly! So everyone who has trouble, write them and just be a little patient! :)

    I now enjoy my DD2 in its full potential!

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