My products page.

I bought the csw V2.5 wheel base with the bmw wheel, the v3 pedals with brake performance kit Black Friday. But in “my products page” I can only see the wheel base, the bmw wheel, brake performance kit. But no pedals. I already sent a mail to fanatec a few days ago but I didn’t hear anything. Someone has the same problem?


  • I'm also missing some products since the move to the new site, and waiting for a response how to deal with this.

  • yeah,

    i also emailed the sales team regarding issues with my products page/account info, going on like 2 weeks now and im letting it go to see how long it takes.

    Still haven't responded to the last email either, so thats 2 correspondence and like long enough to not have a response yet.

  • I have the same problems my products bought on the old website wasn't showing up and I had to manually input them.

    Problem is I have the limited F1 2018 and it's not in their list...

    I also contacted them and got no answer on this topic.

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