Question regarding Classic 2 Rim and PS4 controller

Hello all,

I will soon be purchasing a racing rig and I have a question or two. As a start, I will be purchasing the CSL Elite F1 for the ps4, however, given that I also want to more accurately race vintage cars I will also add a third pedal (when they're available) and a shifter. As far as the wheel, I'm thinking of getting the Classic 2. This is where I have a question. Instead of spending $350 for the universal hub since I feel it has much more than I actually want for vintage racing, could I hook the Classic 2 rim to the Clubsport Quick Release Adapter and then to the CSL Elite wheel base and just use my PS4 controller at the same time to navigate the menu, turn on lights, etc?

Thank you!


  • Nope, you need at least either the Universal Hub or Podium Hub.

    It's not possible to attach a Wheel just to a ClubSport Quick Release Adapter, because that one doesn't have the needed electronics to get FFB.

  • Thank you Maurice!

  • If you are going to use it on PS4 then you need a PS button so then you must have the Clubsport universal hub or the podium hub + the Podium Button Module Endurance due to the podium hub not having any buttons

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