DD2 Warranty

I Recently bought a DD2, big plus that lead me to that decision is that the product page makes a big deal of the standard 5 year warranty.

My product page however says that the DD2 goes out of warranty after two years. I contacted support to have them correct this and got this reply -

"thank you for your message.

You have paid for this Base 1499,95 € + shipping costs. For this price you get 3 years warranty. You didn't pay for extended warranty.

Unfortunately we are not abel to "sell" you this extra 2 years.

Thanky ou for understanding

Best regards / Freundliche Grüße"

Can Fanatec staff who monitor this forum help fix this - either your product page is wrong and I and others have been mis-sold or support staff are giving out incorrect information.


  • I have a DD2 waiting to ship and it was purchased with a 5 year warranty showing on the product page, so I would also appreciate confirmation on this.

    I expect it just incorrect info from support staff?



  • Still waiting for it to be resolved. Got a second message from support saying they thought I bought a DD1 and asking me to provide a screenshot. They clearly don't believe me. I still don't know what they meant when they said that I did not pay for an extended warranty and that they cannot sell me an extended warranty. And I don't understand why I have been given a shorter warranty on my DD2 than comes as standard on the DD1.

    Meanwhile I get daily new invoices for this and other purchases I made recently. It's shambolic and I wish Fanatec would get their act together and provide the level of service they should be if they want to taken seriously.

  • So after sending the email above, then asking for a screenshot I am now told by support that this is all due to problems with the website and not to worry about it and that Fanatec will honour the 5 year warranty. It's not very reassuring to be honest - I would rather have written proof that this warranty exists.

    Also disappointing that the product page already has warranty end dates for my order of the new Porsche wheel of two years after my order date and it hasn't't even shipped yet.

    This new website has been live for weeks now so this all really should be sorted - it's like dealing with school kids.

  • it a absolute disgrace how i have been treated by this company, 🙉🙈🙊, if a competitor enters this space i bet they will figure some things out, i fear until then though they got us, Accuforce is the closest competitor, but no consoles?

  • I just checked and the Fanatec site indeed shows 2 years for my DD2 as well. I'm not too worried to be honest, they'll fix the website. I'm sure they are not trying to change the warranty promised on the DD2 - that is one of the main sales arguments for purchasing that base over the DD1.

  • Tengo un csl racing wheels,PS4.se me acaba de romper el volante,suena por dentro como una pieza suelta y las levas ya no funcionan."no soy capaz de ponerme en contacto para notificar la avería.necesito ayuda gracias

  • Well, I also acquired the DD2 a few days ago, and as it happens to you ... it also puts me two years ... now I just read your post ... and I find the responses of Fanatec disappointing.

    I sent you a message yesterday and I am waiting for an answer.


  • Hi Fellas,

    Has Fanatec CS gotten back to either of you gents?

    I'm basically cross shopping the DD2 to the Simucube 2 Pro, and the 5 year warranty is a huge bonus for me! On my end (US-Fanatec) it clearly states 5 Year warranty on the product page, however after reading this discussion, I'm really concerned.

    Can one of you confirm what Fanatec CS tells you?


  • My product page still does not show the five year warranty for the DD2 - still shows two years. Nor does it show warranty starting on delivery dates for any products, it still shows warranty starting on order or pre order dates. Support desk have been no help.

    No Fanatec employees have responded to this thread, I guess they are busy firefighting their other issues - trying to fix firmware that is released in a constant stream of betas that each introduce new issues while the new features never progress to a stable release version, trying to make features available across platforms and product lines rather than only working on PC and only on Podium lines, trying to identify why users are reporting serious functionality issues such as claims of bricked devices and crashing computers.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Gagaryn, this is a bug with our backend systems and it will be addressed. I can see that the sales team have since confirmed to you via email that your warranty is indeed 5 years, as it is with all DD2 customers.

  • Thanks Dom, yes the product team confirmed that on their third email - the first two were "confused". 😚 It would be good if the product page reflected this - as it should. I can't imagine that would be tricky. getting these things right would free up time to allow the product team to focus their support on those who need it.

  • Dominic, any update on updating your systems to show the correct warranty period. 6 months have passed with no apparent progress.

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