ClubSport Wheel Base V2 - The first reviews and opinions!- UPDATE 6

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A lot of you guys are looking forward to the FIRST REVIEWS of the new ClubSport wheel Base V2 and the embargo ends today 12.00 (noon) German time. All reviews will be listed below so you get a lot of opinions about the new product.

These are not traditional reviews as we have only sent out beta wheels to beta testers so far. We have chosen the most experienced, critical and respected guys out there to help us finding remaining flaws and to sort out bugs. We have picked those customers from our customer base, real race drivers, pro sim drivers, game developers or respected community members of various forums.

They all helped us to make a better product and I would like to thank all of them for doing a great job!

It was not our intention and there is no obligation whatsoever that those beta testers also make a review about it but some of them asked us if they can do it and we are happy to let them share their opinion.

Those reviews might not be 100% objective as some testers have a history (good or bad) with Fanatec and some of them appreciate the opportunity to be the first to enjoy the wheel. And although it has not been announced yet, they also might expect that they can keep the unit and purchase it with a discount.

On the other side we have asked the testers not to report about any issues or things which might have been changed in the final product. For example we changed the motor and made the inner construction more sturdy and changed the heat resistance which will rediuce the Curie effect on the magnets. And we are still working on the final firmware.

There will be a second round of reviews with magazines and bloggers once the final product is available.

So in any case it is good to listen to a lot of opinions to make up your own opinions and here they are:

(To be updated. Please post it in the comments if you find more)

Shaun Cole

Barry Rowland

Ronny Fantini, Michael Walser, Michael Herrmann (auf deutsch)

Mark Reynolds

Eric Sprehe

Henk Schoone

Christiaan van Beilen

Danny Bouwes (members only)

Will Currington


Doug Meyer

Danny Bouwes

Amar Resic



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