V3 Throttle pedal distance

Is the throttle pedal travel distance a feature or just a hack people found? I dont see it mentioned in the manual. I read somewhere it could mess up the sensor if adjusted, I am on the ps4....thanks


  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
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    there is no hack for accelerator pedal travel , this is the only ps4 hack im aware of.

    the ps4 auto calibrates unless the title you are playing has calibration in the advanced options.

    are you having a technical issue or trying to achieve something?

  • I would like to shorten the travel of the gas pedal and I was told I could by moving out the nut but I dont see the feature listed in the owners guide and I dont want to change it and break something because I read I could in another forum.


  • Aaron ScottAaron Scott Member
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    on ps4 ,the calibration is by travel. So in theory could use a brick, i reccomend a softer, kinder and non-abrasive one . When you achieve the desired travel and as long as the ps4 receives the signal a couple few times its set.

    i learned this using the thrustmaster T3PA-PRO conical brake mod pedals on ps4. no matter where i set the con it would recalibrate for a floating pedal.

    The ricmotech loadcell kits for logitech and thrustmaster calibrate that way too on ps4, so why i got into fanatec as its adjustable in base

  • Hi Thomas,

    According to Sim Racing Garage it works and is an undocumented feature.

    Check this video at 43:25 minutes in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C1yDMlpP9Q

    I didn't try it though.

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