Hi guys, I bought a podium DD1 base from a guy who bought it in August 2019. The issue is that when I have tried it and you turn the steering wheel to the sides it feels as if something is rubbing every time you turn the Flywheel or slow it down or a kind of gear. At the bottom of the base there are 5 holes to screw, because the 2 behind have a kind of metal in the middle of the hole and the other 3 you see the end (I worry about those 2 holes, I would like to know if it is normal that you see a kind of metal in the middle of the hole). Also when the base is on I feel a constant vibration my hands, just the fact of being on without being in any game I feel a slight permanent vibration. Can anyone help me and guide me or will I have to process it for the guarantee?


  • Those manual is very clear that bolts into those holes should only insert a maximum of 12mm. Did you use these holes to mount the base and did you heed that instruction? Did you check the base before you bought it and was it working then? I suspect that longer bolts have been forced in to the two bottom holes which have misaligned the motor - either by the previous owner or by you.

  • The boy told me that the base did not put it in the cockpit, but he tried it without the key tap (the torque adapter bag was unopened) and that for lack of time he put it on sale. Outwardly it looks new, even with side plastics. Before packing the dd1 podium base in the cockpit I checked it through several places and when observing those 2 lower holes with something in the middle I made the photo seen in the image. I read the manual before assembling it and I have put screws shorter than 12mm, I have checked it. I have many doubts that the boy has been able to lie or simply that it is the factory base and that is wrong. The base was purchased in August 2019 sent me the invoice. I bought it on a second-hand page and app called wallapop and it has a 48-hour claim service to file a claim, providing evidence and photos. Today is the last day, I do not know if it is a manufacturing failure or simply a failure or that the product was sold to me in poor condition. I don't have to do it, if I keep it and process a guarantee in fanatec or return it if they let me, pay € 970 with shipping only the base.

  • I need to know if that holes are normal or not. If is normal maybe dd1 base is bad from factory because aparently it seems new.

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    what u need to know is ,

    you should probably state the firmware and usage of system(pc/console) , maybe its a firmware/ bats in the belfry issue because u bought a really expensive toy on the secondary market.

    the firmware/ drivers, the titles or title the issue presented itself, can u duplicate it?

    As maybe you can math it out yourself or someone else has experienced the symptoms.

    Update, there is nothing unusual looking in that photo based on comparison to my dd1, other than its being used on here to diagnose a noise?


  • The drivers are updated, in fact I have tried 4, and currently I have the latest ones and the result is the same. Being off or on without entering any game I notice a sensation when turning like it was on a pinion, a gear, when you are turning the Flywheel you feel like a "clack clack clack clack clack clack" rolling on a pinion but it is not heard, it is a Cyclic friction when you turn. I don't know if I explain myself and my English is not very good either.

    Do you have in your base the 2 lower back holes that look the same as mine? The first 3 look opaque but the other 2 can be seen as something metallic and look inside.

    Thank you very much for the answers, I am very worried regretting the Purchase.

  • You're good,

    I understand what you're describing and I looked in the holes (the back holes) and they look the same as your holes, but that does not mean anything and isn't representative of what goes on inside which we cannot see.

    its possible you got a dud and should be worried, but you need to 1st check the return policy of the retailer or check if your payment method has action you can take if you cant return it. Then if you're stuck, Say nice things about fanatec and try and have it repaired , these aren't cheap and repair is hopefully more cost effective than starting over.

    Good Luck man,

    i feel your pain.

  • I think all is normal, i have spoke with fanatec support and they told me that is normal. Thank you

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    šŸ¤œšŸ¤› , glad you're sorted, welcome to the revolution, the FFB reinvention revolution!

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