Please upgrade postal service in Australia.

First off this isn't meant to sound like a big whine but rather a poor customer experience I want to share which could easily be fixed for all.

The price and the choice of the postal service in Australia is in my opinion unfair. I'm not sure if it's only for spare parts but using Sendle for shipping takes over 3 weeks to come interstate to WA. Not only that but the small package which weighed 18 grams cost $19aud to ship. Shipping that for $19 should be next day delivery not 3 weeks. Could you please look after your customers who obviously would want there Fanatec gear up and running with a more fairer postal service. Using Sendle for this package should of been around $5 but the price isn't the main issue. It's the time it takes. For around the $5 mark Australia Post would only take a week. There should also be an express option for spare parts without an inflated mark up. This is the second time I have had to wait extended periods for Sendle parcels from Fanatec. Profiteering on a cheap postal service is off putting.

Please see this as constructive criticism and reconsider the provider and price model you use to ship spare parts in Australia.


  • I'll second this recommendation.

    Fastway are both cheaper and much quicker.

  • I'll third this. Also be nice to have the option to select express post as an option, with suitable price etc. Sometimes I want my new toys asap and don't mind paying.

  • I have made Fanatec aware of your suggestions above, thank you.

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