Universal Hub Button Query

Are the buttons on the universal base all shipped with XBOX buttons? I've seen older reviews where the buttons are just blank. I'm going to use with PC and don't really want XBox buttons/branding all over my hub as I think it makes it look cheap.

I'm thinking of ordering:

Clubsport Wheel Base v2.5

Clubsport Steering Wheel GT Alcantara

ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for XBOX ONE - as I don't see a PC specific hub

Clubsport Pedals v3

I'm assuming this will all work together. Is there any bundle discount available for this kit is purchased together?

It's basically a "FORZA MOTORSPORT WHEEL BUNDLE FOR XBOX ONE & PC bundle" but without the shifter and the Alcantara wheel (and no Forza branding!)

Many thanks :)


  • Xbox Buttons are just Button Caps which can be removed, then all buttons are just blank black.

  • In addition, the Universal Hub comes with racing-style button caps if you don't want blank buttons. And it also comes with a special 'F' sticker to cover up the Xbox logo on the FunkySwitch. We'll have better images on our Universal Hub steering wheel product pages soon that shows the wheels in this 'non-Xbox' configuration.

    And yes, those products you've listed will all work together, but unfortunately there is no bundle discount in that combination.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Thanks for the responses guys, very quick and useful.

    If I ordered tomorrow, when do you think I can expect delivery to the UK?

  • If everything is showing as 'in stock' then it should be within a few days. But bear in mind that the fulfillment teams and courier services are very busy and dealing with additional restrictions at the moment, so this can affect delivery speed.

  • David - I think there is a bundle of the Clubsport Steering Wheel GT Alcantara+ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for XBOX ONE -

    A friend of mine just ordered one in the US and said it actually arrived completely assembled. I believe over here it's $80 cheaper than buying the hub and rim separately.

    David there's a few more tips, that have worked for me and for a close friend who I blame/thank for introducing me to Fanatec -

    #1 - only order "in stock" items

    #2 - pay for 2nd day shipping.

    We've ALWAYS gotten our orders within a week when doing this.

    The reason for #1: They won't ship partial shipments - it's all or nothing, so putting one backordered item in your order delays the whole order.

    The reason for #2: This is more speculative, but every place I've ever worked, if a customer paid for express delivery, it felt like they were in a hurry and we did our best to get it out quickly - if the customer wanted the 'cheapest' delivery, we felt they weren't in a hurry, and took our time. In the US at least, Fanatec has outsourced the warehousing and shipping of products to a 3rd party. I suspect that company prioritizes all overnight, 2nd and 3 day shipments, then works on the rest. I don't know if it's that way in the UK, but I think it's just human nature to 'rush' an express delivery when you know the customer has paid more - and in our case over here, the 2nd day option is often only a few dollars more, so it's been totally worth it.

    I hope this helps and I think you are going to LOVE your new setup!

    If you like your brakes "extra firm, consider adding this to your order: https://fanatec.com/eu-en/accessories/pedal-accessories/clubsport-pedals-v3-brake-performance-kit

  • Thanks, going to place an order this morning. Everything I want shows in stock.

    That wheel/hub bundle is correct, that's what i'm ordering, shame there isn't a "Clubsport PC bundle" with pedals, wheel base and a choice of wheels.

    Also @Fanatec, will I be able to get the deal on the F1 2020 for PC once you have stock again as its showing no stock right now which is strange for a game available as a digital download!

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    F1 2020 deal is over, stock is sold out since some weeks already as it was a limited run.

  • Just tried to order, typed in the amex verification code then the website went down and now it says down for maintenance.

    Don't know if the order went through or not, any advice? Don't want to order twice by mistake!

  • Managed to place the order now, thanks for the pre-sales assistance. Let's hope the order goes through as planned, everything was listed as in stock / Available so no excuses ;)

  • Order placed 5 hours ago, money was taken immediately, order hasn't been updated, you'd think the money would be taken when the order was actually ready to be fulfilled.

  • You think its reasonable for items that are in stock not to ship the same day when the order is placed in the morning and funds are already taken?

  • maybe we're just all used to things shipping minutes after orders are placed on Amazon ;)

  • Fanatec is clearly not Amazon and even Amazon doesnt always ship the same day...

    Its totally reasonable for in stock items to be shipped within 2-3 working days and not the day you have ordered them - just be patient.

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    yes - i think a day or two is perfectly reasonable. I think expecting everything to be processed within your self appointed 5 hour window is unreasonable. Do you think your is the only order?

  • 4 of the 5 boxes have arrived :)

    Glad I paid for next day delivery with UPS or it would have missed the weekend. Hopefully the missing box will arrive today too.

    Has anyone actually read my comments without jumping to conclusions, at no point did I say anything was wrong or unreasonable. But you decided to go on the offensive Gary.

  • UPS dropped the ball, they have NO IDEA where my missing parcel is.

  • Ugh, very frustrating - nothing worse than having SOME of your gear arrive, taunting you, but missing a key piece. Hopefully UPS turns up the item soon.

  • The missing parcel just turned up!

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