DD2 - Torque Activation Button When Powering-On

Hello - I'm new to Fanatec equipment, but really like what I've seen and experienced recently. After several years away from sim racing (iRacing, specifically), I decided to restart, but retire my old Logitech and PlaySeat equipment in favor of Fanatec and Sim-Lab. Over the last few weeks, I've received and constructed a new Sim-Lab P1-X rig, outfitted w/ a DD2, CS v3 Pedals, and CS Shifter. I also bought the Podium Hub, Podium Advance Module Shifter kit, a GT Alcantara Wheel, a CS Formula V2 Wheel, and a two module button kit. I've originally set-up the GT Alcantara Wheel on the Podium Hub with the Podium Advance Module Paddle Shifters and two module button pods. My preference for sim racing, at this point, is asphalt oval racing. That said, I also have a new MPI Suede 15" Oval Wheel to use w/ the DD2 and Podium Hub...I would prefer to use the CS Shifter, as the paddles are too far to reach w/ the MPI's deeper dish.

Here is my issue & relative question: With the current GT Alcantara Wheel set-up, upon powering-on the DD2, I'm required to press one of the buttons on the two currently installed pods. I would like to remove the two 3-button modules and the Podium Advance Module Paddle Shifters and just mount my larger MPI wheel for asphalt oval competition. How can I do this with no remaining button to press to "activate the high torque" capabilities for my DD2. Can I map something to my keyboard or to another controller? I'm actually inclined to order a second Podium Hub to mount the MPI wheel, allowing me to leave the GT Wheel set-up intact and no longer requiring the tear-down and re-build of the wheel assembly anytime I want to swap between the two. However, if I need to have a 3-button pot attached to the MPI wheel set-up, that's not a desirable look.

Any ideas or suggestions to help with my inquiry would be appreciated.

Stay safe,

Mike Triplett


  • With no buttons, you can turn the wheel 90 degrees and hold it, as it says in the manual, I believe. I don't have it so I don't know the exact procedure.

  • Thanks for the input, Jeffrey! I hadn't noticed that point in a manual, so I appreciate your insight. Hopefully this is a possible solution for me.

  • Thanks again Jeffrey Brenwald...your solution was spot-on!

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