V2.5 with Xbox Hub Adapter - Off by 15 degrees. Center procedure does nothing

As the description says, I haven't been able to find a solution online. I have the wheel working and stuff by calibrating it in game but the wheel itself is center 15 degrees to the left.

Firmware and Drivers are current says the game controller. I've tried pressing "select" and A together and nothing happens. The presses register in the controller. I've tried "select' and "start" with every combination of buttons just in case and the only thing I can achieve is changing it from PC to Xbox Mode. I am on PC.

Its working, not a huge emergency but if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.


  • Did you try centering it in with the fanatec driver?

    There's a center button, and I believe also a readout of the location, which you can use to confirm it's on center.

  • I'm not able to make any adjustments through the Device Profiler. Only view inputs. There is a slider for the wheel center but I can only affect it by turning the wheel.

    I did notice online some of the profilers have a "Tuning" tab, I do not have that. Not sure if its from an old driver version or not?

  • Alright for anyone who stumbles across this I got it figured out.

    It was necessary for me to go into XBOX MODE for the wheel centering to take effect!

  • Nice, just bought mine and it's 4 degrees to the right.

    Thank you for the come back! :)

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