CSL ELITE PS4 power supply issue

Just recived my CSL on Monday night, sat everything up and worked flawlessly. As someone that has exclusively used Logitech for 15+ years I was impressed to say the least. Tuesday night I get home and go to power it on and nothing happens. No LED on wheel base, no activity, no hold 10 sec for bootloader, just flat nothing. In my looking for the issue I noticed no LED was lit on the power supply like it was on the previous day. Checked it and seen nothing obvious, but never could get the LED to light on the supply brick. Outlet works as my PS4 was plugged into the same wall outlet. Is there anything to try and revive it or am I just stuck with expensive paper weights until they get to my support ticket and then send me another power supply? Sucks that it is already useless for the moment after an hour and a half of playtime.


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