CSv3 Pedal Connection Intermittent with new DD2 Wheel Base

I've just upgraded from a CSv2.5 Wheel Base to a DD2. Replaced the RJ-12 cable between the pedals and wheel base as per the instructions, however, the connection to the pedals appears to be intermittent (flickering pedal icon on the DD2 display, and flickering clutch, brake, throttle and handbrake inputs in the Fanatec Wheel Properties page (also, no option to calibrate the pedals like I had before?).

Any suggestions? The pedals were working fine with my ClubSport v2.5 Wheel Base.


  • Just updated driver to v365 and flashed wheel base and motor sensor firmware and now there is no pedal input icon or any activity on the Wheel Properties page at all.


  • Disregard.

    Unplugging the RJ-12 and plugging it back in appears to have resolved the issue.

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