Fanatec Beta Driver V352/356 [DD Performance Update] for Podium Bases ONLY (all steering wheels)



  • so honestly. I like the update very much. in gt sport the ffb feels very good and realistic. but what was a bit strange is that suddenly the flag leds went off while driving. didn't go out again until I restarted the base. now they stay out .strange

  • was that just a mistake or can i turn it on somehow in gt sport?

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    Wheel Base Model: Podium DD1

    Steering Wheel Model: Formula V2

    Driver Version: 352

    Base FW Version: 669


    Platform: Xbox ONE

    Since I have installed the latest update (352) the sensitifity is completely wrong at any Game which I have tested so far: Forza Motorsport 7, Dirt Rally 2.0, Assetto Corsa. The FFB also feels strange to me. I only can feel the road or the curbs when I disable FFB Interpolation. But then the FFB very rough.

    As nobody is reporting the same issue here in the forum, I have now reinstalled the driver and updated the wheel base, motor and wheel one again. I also have recalibrated the motor. I have rebooted my Xbox. The result is still the same: The sensitifity has changed by factor 2,8 - 3,8. Due to this issue, my steering input is completely inaccurate and I can NOT use my Podium DD1 wheel base anymore.

    I do NOT why, but the update do nor work for me at all. How can I go back to 347?

  • Wheel Base Model: CSW v2.5

    Steering Wheel Model: P1

    PC DRIVER: 352



    same issue here, couldn't update firmware motor and the wheel feels really heay. with drift 05 it behaves like it is set to -02 !

    thank you.

  • I am having same issue with Xbox. Sensitivity in f1 2019 and Assetto Corsa is way off now. Using dd2 with formula v2 rim. Latest beta driver and firmware. Other than the sensitivity issues, the new firmware is great.

  • As some of you already reported, on center feels very notchy, you can clearly feel when you are on center.

    @Marcel Pfister the higher driver temps remain approx. 6-10°C warmer than with driver v346.

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    at least, i am not the only one with this issue

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    after updating my dd1 it´s not longer shown in the gamecontroller menu. Is there any way to reset the base? What can I do that my base work again? thanks


    I recognize if I change to the 2.5 mode the base is available again in the Gamecontroller. As soon as I switch to the pc mode it disapears. It´s strange isn´t it?

    Also fanalab seems to start but is not available. I hadn´t this behavior before.

    thanks for any recommendation or help

  • i haven't had flags since i cant remember when.

    they made an announcement that they were added and working, but went off the next maintenance period for me and have been off since.

    I believe thats a Polyphony Digital controlled feature.

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    thats the added fidelity you are feeling, i couldn't stop talking about it in my stream.

    Its a welcomed feature as now i can feel both sides of the tire if that makes sense.

    Meaning as i open and close the wheel angle ,i feel the outside edge and the inside edge as i cross the center, was tripping me out while playing dirt rally 2.0.

    Before i would often complain about never feeling this, thumbs up, maybe u just need to adjust a lil?

  • IMO this has nothing to do with fidelity, you can't feel the the sides of tire irl when centering your steering wheel. Never heard of this in the first place.

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    So You dont have a drivers license and have never driven a car then, right?

    You need to go find a Go-cart track ASAP or sell your gear, because what u just said is crazy talk and thats coming from a crazy person?

  • The same, but the steering wheel (a P1).

    Probably, the worst driver I tried. V347 & V664 are way better.

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    I have the problem that I have no gear indicator on the wheel. When I'm in the pit it works as soon as I'm on the track it doesn't work.

    I also have the problem that fanalab crashes very often.

    Wheel Base Model: DD2

    Steering Wheel Model: Formula V2

    Driver Version: 352

    Base FW Version: 28

    Wheel FW Version: 669

    Fanalab: 1.23


  • Good evening, after updating on a podium base DD1

     and ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.

     PC DRIVER 352




    the shifter fails and in the ring it puts one thing and the configuration program another, whereby when it changes gear it does not recognize it correctly it fails especially the 2nd and 3rd. I think there is an incompatibility of drivers between the steering wheel and the driver of the base itself.

    Does anyone have the same problem?


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    Alright, after testing for hours I think I know what is causing the heavy FFB thump issue.

    It must be the FFB intensity [FEI] .

    Setting this to 100 will definitely cause a lot of heavy random FFB thumps.

    Also, lowering the [INT] below 6 in combination with 100 [FEI] will increase this issue.

    The problem starts already with 90 [FEI] , there you get already some stronger random punches and then with 100 [FEI] it will kick your wheelbase like a horse :D .

    Meanwhile 80 [FEI] seems like a save setting. I don't notice any FFB thumps and the FFB itself feels pretty much the same as with 90 or 100, there is no feeling gone. So I would suggest to make 80 [FEI] the new 100, in that way nobody can damage their wheelbase.

    Also I have to mention that every other setting doesn't matter (except lowering the [INT] which can increase the thumps ) .

    With high FFB in-game settings some of the thumps will go into clipping, which means with lower FFB in-game settings the thumps can also appear more often and more heavy (in combination with 90 or 100 [FEI] ) .

    So everybody should stay at 80 [FEI] or below, just to be safe.

    Hope I could help, cheers everybody.

    • DD1
    • Driver: 352
    • WBF: 669
    • WBMF: 38
    • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • I have updated my DD2 and F1 V2 2019 limited. No issues intalling the driver and updating firmwares. It's a massive step further in the right direction in my opinion. In iRacing I am getting huge oscillations , I only played like an hour with the values but the problem persist. I will try to continue adjusting in a few hours.

    Somebody here with iracing and oscillations?

  • Lol calm down. I do have a driver license, I was on racetracks and drove my car at the limit. And I was on a Kart track, too.

    What Im feeling in the wheel on center is not natural mate. My Opinion.

  • DD1 suddenly changed to 2.5 CSP Mod while playing Raceroom online when pressing the Hud data change button of the R300 wheel with podium hub. First failure so far but ugly as hell crashing in wall with no more connection to the wheel. After reset and the needed change for F1 Rim V2 to switch back in PC Mode ok again, but that should both be adjusted. Modes setting in fanalab and no switching in use.

  • DroorS you really, really need to get a life. Really. Or possibly a second life, one not so fixated on dev bashing. You’re b*tching is the first thing I see in this thread, and it appears it’ll probably be the last.

    Let me ask you, do you know who is responsible for bringing your direct drive wheel to market, and into your living room, so you can plug it into your little console? Developers and engineers. People with jobs, who work hard. You know who doesn’t tear into those people around the clock? Other people with jobs, or at least the faintest clue about the work, risk, and investment that goes into developing these products.

    If you don’t like the wheel, sell it and buy a simucube or OSW. Oops, that’s right, you can’t. ‘Cause the developers you’re trashing like you’ve done something with your life are the only ones that decided to make one compatible with a console.

    It’s a good thing you’re on a console too, cause to get expensive, comparatively niche hardware to work on a PC (the only way to use a direct drive before fanatec came along), you have to troubleshoot. Solve problems on your own. B*tching on a forum gets you precisely nowhere.

    Ironically, that’s exactly where it seems to be getting you here.

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    I need a life or a 2nd one?

    you lost me there

    im not touching your hurt fanboy feelings ,

    ,if your money means that lil to you, good luck with that Slick

    ive got my own problems

    you dont like my teachings or writings, pretend you work at fanatec and im paying customer and ignore me.

    ps, but otherwise im glad you're thinking of me,😘

  • I didnn’t have problems that obvious but your observations are right, lowering the FEI a little makes a difference. I was losing a few seconds when I had it on 100.

    I also noticed applying just 10 NIN gave me a steadier feeling on straights.

  • I had a similar Issue where sensitivity was way off. I tried to change it in Fanalabs etc. and had to change sensitivity to 90 or something to get even close to 1:1 FFB was really notchy as well. Mind you I had done some driving before hand with no issues. Ultimately I had to restart my PC close fanalabs and change the sensitivity in the driver either to auto or 1080 (not at home cant remember) and then things worked again as they should. It seems the setting in the driver and Fanalabs have issues when they are both open, and I had to restart for it to work again.

    That was all the new beta drivers new fanalabs version etc, motor re calibrated etc.

  • I think it turned one of the friction or dampening setting to 0 on me when loading my old profiles into the new Fanalabs, it was one of the settings I tweaked to get rid of oscillation previously. I was signed up for a race so set it back where I thought it should be.

  • I can not confirm that problem. Only problem, but that one I have every time, is that I have to deinstall the driver and install it again to see the wheel base again. I was already on Motor Version 22 and only need to update the wheel base (base 2.5). For me the feeling is good and got no problems with iracing so far.

  • I have DD2 with formula v2 wheel running on Xbox one X. When running f1 or Assetto Corsa the "auto" sensitivity position does not work correctly. I could only get f1 2019 to work using "900". Everything else is working great. I am using the new firmware and driver's.. the same issue is present when using Assetto Corsa.

  • I do not use my wheel on PC for driving, so I haven't installed Fanalab. This issue is getting really frustrating for me. Most of the people here in the forum reports the fantastic feel of the FFB since the update. For me this update makes everything worse and I have no idea why. In the meantime I have downgraded to 347 which fixes the sensitivity bug. I think the issue is related to Xbox only.

  • I posted in the wrong forum thread. I posted this thread in the fanalab update. But I have updated to the beta drivers on the DD. That includes the base, motor, and wheel driver updates as well as the new Beta FanaLab.

    I noticed this has been reported several times already by various people on this thread. When I power off the DD, there is a very distinct and audible metallic click noise.

    Is this supposed to be normal or is this a cause for concern? I had no noise powering off the DD before the driver update.

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