Formula V2 replacement grips (how to install)...?

I got replacement grips for the Formula V2 wheel. To get the back part off, I have to remove the plastic back cover of the wheel. The back part of the grip slips under the pastic back cover and gets damaged when I remove the grips.

From what I can see, I have to remove the Quick Release, the shifters and some screws on the back. Anyone like to confirm that the QR can be removed without any problems? Do I have to remove screws from the front as well?


  • Hello,

    From where did you buy them?

    Regarding your question look on youtube for sim racing garage review of the wheel. He takes apart the wheel and you can clearly see the screws that hold the grip. Maibe will help.

  • I managed to replace the grips but it is a delecate procedure.

    1. Remove the shifter paddles.
    2. Loosen the three silver screws that keep the two grip parts in place.
    3. Remove the little black screw near the shifter module.
    4. Take the front part of the old grip off
    5. Take the eight front hex screws out.
    6. Take the two hex screws at the back out.
    7. Gently lift the back cover and remove the botom back cover.
    8. The back part of the grip is wedged under the electronics board and the leads from the rumble motor are glued to the grip. Gently pry loose the grip from the board and remove the glue that hold the leads in place.
    9. Remove the rumble motor and get the grip off.
    10. Take the little silver and black screws and screw them in the new grip so you carefully thread the new plastic threads. Otherwise it is hard to screw them in because it is new. Do this when the grips are not installed.
    11. Put the new back part of the grip in place and be sure the leads from the rumble motor are free to move and do not get pinched between the grip and the carbon plate.
    12. Put the back cover back in its place and fasten the eight hex screws in the front and the two hex screws in the back.
    13. Turn the wheel over and put the new front grips on.
    14. Flip the wheel and put the three silver screws and the black screw in and tighten carefully
    15. Reattach the shifter paddles.
    16. Put the wheel back on the base and test its functions on a PC within the Fanatec Properties of the driver.

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