CSL Elite PS4 issues

So today my csl elite ps4 started to "act up", it happens in all the games i tried, ACC, Raceroom, Assetto Corsa. the issue is after 1-2 mins of driving sometimes even less than 1 min, not only it gets off center but i can't even turn the weel lock to lock, i usually have 540 degrees of rotation, and sometimes when the issue occurs i can turn the wheel full 1080 degrees and other times it will be less than 100 degrees of rotation, and i have to exit the game turn off the wheel unplug the power, plug it back in turn it on, get in game start driving and boom, the issue is there again. I have opened the wheel base used some canned air to clean the sensors, checked if anything is loose but everything is ok, the board at the back of the motor is not moving at all zero flex, after i put everything back together and test it the issue is still there. I am not using any software like fanaleds or fanalab or any other. I had this wheel since it came out so no warranty left, and until today i had zero issues with it. Any ideas on what could be the problem? and is it fixable?

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