Broken RJ12 Cable?

On 12/12 I received my F1 Podium wheel base. After installing everything on my rig and starting GT sport (PS4) I discovered that my CSP V3 pedals weren't responding. I tried connecting them via USB on my PC, and my PC did not recognize them either.

I then emailed Fanatec support, they wanted me to provide a video. Not wanting to wait I ordered a new CSP V3 PCB. (I know, ZERO patience, but then again I spent €2000).

Yesterday I received the new PCB, switched it out with the old one, hooked up to my PC, and yes it works..! I then updated the latest drivers. Being very happy I switched to PS4, disconnecting the USB - connecting the RJ12 cable fired up GT sport - got into a race and guess what? No working pedals!

So I emailed the support people again, waited 5 minutes, decided to order a replacement cable myself (yep, again no patience at all :P)

Now i'm at work wondering if this will solve the problem... In my opinion there's 2 possibilities left:

  • the RJ12 cable might be broken (PLEASEEE let it be the cable)
  • there's something wrong the DD1 wheelbase

Anyone here with any suggestions?


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