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This post is as much for anyone from Fanatec as to the general forum members. I have emailed them through the website as well. I'm in a weird situation I think. FYI I have Fanatec gear already and thought I understood their ordering methodologies so I placed my 2 seperate upgrade orders. I placed them separately because the wheel rim was ready to ship and would not be delayed by the other item which was pre order.  

The first order I placed on Monday July 27th for a ClubSport Lenkrad Formula V2 which had/has a "ready to ship" status on the website. The order moved into "processed" status Tuesday and I got an email from Fanatec confirming which is good. The problem is I never got notifications from Paypal of the transaction and the payment has not been processed on my credit card thru paypal. To make matters more tricky, because of the order status ,"processed", I can not cancel and reorder which I think would resolve the problem without Fanatec intervention.  This order is most definitely in limbo. I'd like to get it out.

For comparison's sake, the second order I placed, also on Monday July 27th right after the first one, was for a pre order item. My expectation was and is i'll get it when I get it. In this case I received the confirmation email from Fanatec, I was notified of the PayPal payment and it was processed to my credit card.  This order status is "processing".

Any suggestions would be helpful.




  • Hi Todd,

    You have contacted sales, that is the correct approach. I can see your enquiry on the system, I'm sure they will resolve this as soon as possible.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hi Dominic,

    Thanks for your quick response and for letting me know my inquiry is in the system.


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