DD1 Power Supply Issues

Hello fellow sim racers,

I recently (two days as of this post) had my DD1 arrive in the mail. I followed the directions and connected the power cable to the wheel base before plugging the power supply into the outlet. However, only after 10 measly minutes the power supply failed and the green light slowly faded away and no power was being sent to the base. I tried all the outlets in my house with no prevail. I even waited a full 24 hours as many people noted and still the same issue occurs after plugging in the power supply to the outlet. I have sent an email to support to hopefully get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. This is a $1200 wheel base, this stuff should not be happening especially with a brand new unit. This seems to be a perpetual issue among those who purchase the DD wheel bases.


  • Does anyone have any help or advice they can give me to get over this situation ?

  • Hi Paul,

    You've done the correct thing by opening a support ticket. I'm sorry to hear that this happened but there really isn't any further advice to offer, it's something that only the support team can resolve for you.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • From comments on this forum looks like there might have been a faulty batch of power supplies (not only to DD's).

    I believe the support team will get back to you soonest and most probably replace your power supply.

  • Just having the same problem now!

    I've also logged a support ticket. Must be a bad batch, as my DD1 has already been replaced, together with a new power supply unit.

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