CSL Elite F1 PS4, playing on PC - Wheel shaking post update - Fanatec please help!!

PC Driver - 340 

Wheelbase Firmware - 658

Wheelbase motor - 22

Was having zero issues with the wheel / wheel base, until yesterday when I logged into Iracing to run a race. My LED's would not come on, on the steering wheel. So, I loaded up the Fanatec software and updated the drivers. Now the steering wheel is reacting totally different.  

The FFB is definitely stronger, and the wheel is shaking vigorously even on straights. In addition, the wheel has always had a slight clunking feel in the wheel, but now under heavy ffb, that vibration / clunking is extremely higher. (see vid below )

Settings on the wheel (have re-centered wheel)

SENS - 108

FF - 100

SHo - 60

ABS - 075

DRI - Off

For - 100

Spr - Off

DPR - Off

FEI - 80

BTW, these are the same settings I had before the update. Pre - Update and after is like I am playing on two different wheels.

I tried to submit a support request, but there is no way to submit the request. You just get caught in an endless loop. (there is no Submit button for the request, nor do you get email conformation). In addition, I tried to contact support, but since the only support line published is in Germany, GERMANY!!!!, I cannot reach anybody.



  • The PC drivers you are mentioning are before or after the update you mentioned you made?

  • The drivers I am at now, are post update, and supposedly the latest and greatest. I, also, uninstalled and reinstalled the driver numerous times. In addition, I tried to roll back to the older firmware, 311, but then it wouldn't even recognize the wheel base was connected in the fanatec software (multiple reboots).

  • From what I have understood, Fanatec on each driver upgrade (except from rectifying bugs or issues) so far they have been trying to fix and give better feeling on the wheel. Hence sometimes when using the same "set up" feels different.

    Better go to the latest available driver for you CSL (I think it was 347) and if you don't have a universal hub for your wheel try the beta 365 (has an issue with the universal hub and only 2 buttons work) but I repeat again try the beta one ONLY IF YOU DON'T USE A UNIVERSAL HUB for your wheel.

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