Good evening

When I try to calibrate the steering wheel, the sensor sensor engine does nothing once I have removed the steering wheel, but when I try to calibrate the steering wheel either from the "properties fanatec" program itself or from the ring itself it does absolutely nothing.

Can anyone check

 if the same thing happens?

It only happens to me with this base, with my previous elite csl base if that centered the hoop.



  • After the beta drivers and firmware update, my fan comes on immediately at full power as soon as i turn it on and stays on even though its cool buts thats nothingt. Now the wheel wont calibrate. it pulls strictly to the left .Its undrivable. Even better the view looks out the passenger window and wont view forward unless i push the joystick all the way over to the left. in gt sport the mouse goes right up into the top right corner and stays there. Every time i shut it off it needs to be recalibrated and then still wont calibrate. even after re-installing the older firmware it still junk. it is totally unusable. i have several defectives pieces of fanatec gear now that dont work and have called ENDOR literally multiple times.never once have i got through to a person ever. this is unacceptable. I understand glitches happen but in the 10 years ive been using fanatec gear,not once has someone picked up my call to ANY department on the voice mail directory. they might as well have a voice mail that says "Too Bad,try someone else,we dont give a sh.t". I just called again and guess who picked up this time.? No One

  • Nico KleinNico Klein Member
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    "view looks out the passenger window" and "in gt sport the mouse goes right up"

    I know this behavior from my Formula V2 (but on a CSL Elite). It happens with my wheel only when the paddle mode switch is in position "D" (Mappable analogue axes).

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