Warranty on pre-order products and other

Hello Fanatec,

First of all, I would like to say that your new website is awesome in term of design but in term of usability it's not that. I have already contacted you 3 times concerning my order and I have never received an email back even an autoresponce to confirm you got my message and my ticket # is XXXX. You need to improve this because it's really unprofessionnal.

Second and my main point here. And I m sure, I m not the only one that is upset about this. I ordered the new Porsche GT3 Podium wheel, sorry I pre-ordered, you mentionned available on 16th of December, but now looking at the website it's 20th of December.

Did I received an email an annoucement anything? NO... That's not cool and once again unprofessionnal.

To make it even worst. My warranty for this product is the date I paid you, I gave you money but I have no product yet, and my warranty is already running. Meaning by the time I ll get my wheel, it ll have already a month off... Like really?! Are you serious...

I m asking you two things,

  • Change your warranty to the date you ship the products and not to the date we give you the money especially when a pre-order that you fail to acchieve in your deadlines.
  • Better communicate and answer to your client that put money in your pocket.

I hope that now I ll get an answer and that I got your attention

Thank you


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    Still waiting to receive the “email communication that everyone should have gotten by now” that Marcel angrily posted about in the other thread.

    People dont seem to grasp that people aren’t necessarily upset about the delay, its about the way the customers have been treated. SEND. A. @#[email protected]&*(@. EMAIL. TO. YOUR. USERS.

    keep us in the loop, don’t treat us like fools. This is an expensive hobby, expensive hobbies are usually done by people with jobs and responsibilities, we dont have 40 hours a week to race, and we look forward to getting our new toys. Yes, can I wait a week? Sure. But I do have a large issue with the lax attitude on the whole thing by Thomas, and everyone else.

    Higher some more goddamn staff, get a phone number for people in the US to call into, reply to emails in a timely manner, answer people’s questions. Get your act together.

    EDIT: Literally just received an email, which is appreciated. Thank you. Having to scour forum discussions for answers from your staff is not an ideal experience. Guess we will wait for Friday.

  • Fanatec give us a proper answer on Warranty.


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