Recommended Settings?

Hi Fanatec,

No recommended settings this year? It would be really helpful (for most people I guess).


  • At the moment, I'm using the F1 2019 settings and are good. Have you tried?

  • Yeah, they seem at bit dead to me. Honestly the default settings have been best so far and by no stretch amazing. But still better than no DD :)

  • New to Fanatic gear. I'm finding the 2019 settings to be a good starting point, but find I have to set FFB 10 clicks down for formula 2

  • cls elite f1 e-sports bundle

    my PERSONAL preferrence:

    sen: 360

    ff: 100

    dri: -3

    fei: 60

    For: 90

    spr: 100 (no effect?)

    dpr: 100 (no effect?)

    bli: off

    sho: 100 (no effect?)

    brf: 30 (default csl loadcell kit setup)


    v&ffb: 95

    on track: 20

    rumble strip: 15

    wheel Damper: 5

    understeer enhance: off

    wheel rotation: 360

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