Table Clamp v2

Is this supposed to come with the shifter mount?

The website shows pictures of it with it and the unboxing videos on youtube show that it comes with it.

But I have just received one that doesn't have it.


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    No, the shifter does not come with the table clamp.

  • It is the answer to your only question.

    It isn't supposed to come with a clamp. Just read the product page and then the What's included section. No table clamp in the package. You need to buy that separately.

    You also don't need the Table clamp V2 that one is used for wheel bases. You need the Clubsport Shifter table Clamp.

  • I'm afraid you do not understand either.

    I'm asking if "Table Clamp v2" comes with "shifter mount" shown on the "Table Clamp V2" product page:

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    If you mean these old Porsche/CSR Shifter Adapter, then no the Table clamp doesn’t come with this optional adapter.

  • Looks like it used to come with it:

  • That video is 8 years old where the old Porsche and CSR Shifter set was widely used which is absolutely not the case in 2020, most likely therefore it was excluded and made optional to get the price of the Table clamp down because the shifter adapter would not be used by over 99% anyway.

  • Thanks, I didn't even know what it was for ;)

    Maybe Fanatec should remove photos from the table clamp section on the website as it still shows it in most of the pictures.

  • Hi David, I agree some of the information out there is confusing - the cause of the confusion is that the table clamp was revised again after this video was made. Maybe it's more of a v3 table clamp now.

    The clamp you received is an improved clamp, albeit with one of the old accessories now no longer included.

    If you look at your clamp from the front you should see 3 steel protrusions - the one that's slotted in the center plus 1 on either side, if you look behind the front plate you'll see those two go back and provide additional support to the clamp mechanism, this was not present in the V2 design in the video.

    So the good news is, you got the 'better' clamp.

    That said, the US webshop has 4 photos: 1 is of the new clamp, and you can see these supports, and the other 3 show the shifter support, so if you need the shifter support, I think you're totally right minded to contact support and ask that one be sent to you- maybe they will update the product page and remove the old photos, which would then avoid confusion for future customers.

    I had similar concerns when I bought mine, however, my concerns were the opposite of yours, I did NOT want the shifter support if it meant I was getting the older, flimsier version of the clamp.

    I'm happy with my clamp, it's been wonderful and I think is one of the best kept secrets on Fanatec's site.

    If you need that shifter clamp, I hope you'll contact support and update us on the outcome!

  • Ahh, makes sense, thanks. There are a lot of parts to all of this gear and it was quite confusion compared to just buying the all in one T500RS that i had before, but no doubt this will be a significant upgrade!

    BTW, I notice when I bolt the adjustable bit to the underside of my wheel base or wheel base ramp, it pinches the rubber pads and seems to bend the metal, doesn't look quite right. I've left the ramp mount on the bottom of my Clubsport wheel base for now as I like it angled up like this and I can tilt it down with the table clamp if required. I also couldn't find a way to get the bolts in though without removing the hinge first.

    Not sure why the rubber pads are there, they kinda get in the way of getting the plate flush on the bottom of either the ramped bracket or the bottom of the wheel base.

    Right now I'm not sure how i'll mount it all as UPS have lost the box with the Universal Hub in it, so I can't actually put the wheel rim on!

  • If you have a CSL Elite+PS4 wheel base, I think the two rubber feet are supposed to come off before you mount to the plate.

    Also if I recall the 'angle adaptor' is for the CSW 2.5 wheel base, not for the CSL.

    You might want to double check things if you left the rubber feet attached, I'm a little worried that you could strip the bolts, or worse, the threaded inserts on the wheelbase.

    To summarize, for a CSL Elite wheelbase (and also the DD1/DD2) you remove the hinge pin on the mounting bracket, then remove the movable top plate and put both in storage. Then mount the base with the "3 screw" fanatec mounting pattern.

  • From the DD1 manual "5.2 Mounting the Podium Wheel Base DD1 using the ClubSport Table Clamp V2"

    I am only able to use 3 bolts. The 4 bolts mounting is misaligned and cannot be use.

    How do I use  four bolts on the underside of the base to mount DD1 onto the table clamp ?

  • You only use 3 bolts on the DD1/DD2. They should form a triangle pattern.

  • To clarify, i have the "CSW 2.5 wheel base" and i'm using the metal "ramp" that comes with it to angle it up and then bolting it to the adjustable platform on the v2 table clamp.

    Its the rubber pads on top of the v2 table clamp angled platform which fouls the underside of the angled ramp supplied with the CSW 2.5 wheel base as they get pinched when you tighten the mounting screws. I'll see if I can get some pics later.

  • This is what I mean. I wasn't able to find any instructions for the table clamp v2 but clear this isnt right, i havent tightened them up, just aligned to show the problem and take a photo. Can't use the wheel until my hub turns up!

  • May I suggest that Fanatec either

    1. Update the document for section 5.2 of "", as it states 4 bolts

    "5.2 Mounting the Podium Wheel Base DD1 using the ClubSport Table Clamp V2 While it is recommended to hard-mount the Podium Wheel Base DD1 to a dedicated cockpit, it is possible to use on a strong flat surface using the Fanatec ClubSport Table Clamp V2. Just bolt the Podium Wheel Base DD1 to the Table Clamp with four bolts on the underside of the base.

    2 Sell add-on parts to side mount DD1 or bottom mount with 4 bolts with vertical angular adjustments from 5 to 25 degrees for the Table clamp


  • Thanks David, I didn't realize you had a 2.5 base - Love that thing! It does seem as if you're doing it right. And I do believe it's an option to leave the angle plate on, and then you benefit from that hinge if you want to tilt it a degree or two.

    I just looked at my hinge plate and I have 4 small rubber pads, none are covering holes,

    It does seem like you have it right in the photo, but from what you're saying the metal is bending, which doesn't seem great.

    (That said, since you have the 2.5 wheelbase, I'm not at all worried about that bracket bending/stripping like I was when I thought you had a the CSL base)

    If it were me, I'd probably remove the rubber pads, and have metal on metal contact - especially if that doesn't bend the bracket under the CSW 2.5.

    The other option, if you don't want/need the angle, is to remove that angle bracket that comes with the 2.5, and remove the hinge that comes with the clamp, and just mount the 2.5 direct to the clamp - similar to how someone with a DD1/2 would use the clamp.

  • I've already removed the pads, they weren't covering any holes, they were just on flat metal but just appeared to be in the wrong place as shown.

    I don't know if i need the angle or not as i'm missing the universal hub so I can't even fit the wheel and try it out for fit!

    Why does the clamp have the angle adjustment to tip it down? I don't ever see this being a requirement unless the ramp is fitted. If the ramp isn't fitted then its level with the desk, at which point the adjustment would tip it down at the floor which i can't see any use for. I really don't see any reason for the adjustment. Now if it was possible to use it to angle the wheel up not down, then i'd see the reason for having it.

    Why would anyone want a wheel pointing down?!

  • I would strongly suggest investing in say a TR-1 from simlab instead of mounting it to a table, unless its a solid thick wooden table or a worktop a DD1/DD2 can and will break weaker tables over time. Maybe it'll work for the meantime until you get a rig.

    It's probably why they don't mention using the table clamp, if your buying a 1200-1500+ Direct Drive, pretty sure they'll expect you to have a rig to mount it to. Mounting it to something that isn't atleast solid or weighty can increase the risk of harm to yourself. Remember, a DD is fully capable of breaking your wrists or arms. I've heard some horror stories of people mounting it to a basic computer desk and having it break itself free with a chunk of the desk with it while also breaking the guys fingers.

    So please be careful.

  • The table clamp v2 combined with the CSW v2.5 wheel base is not very solid.

    I'm using the supplied ramp mount plus the adjustable bracket on the table mount and it has flex up and down. It looks like the flex is coming from the angled plate on the table clamp v2 where its secured by one nut and bolt, there is also some play in the hinge.

    I'm going to try it without the angle adjustment plate and see how firm that is but it does mean my wheel will be angled up at a fixed position. Its either that or remove the ramp and have it mounted flat on the desk using the clamp without the angle bracket.

    Clearly these are designed to be used with a proper rig as the table clamp v2 just doesn't mount it in a strong and flexible way. I mean it works but the flex dampens a lot of the force and also makes noises when it moves.

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