DD2 power supply fan issue


Recently I noticed that my DD2 power supply fan is running. And that is ok, here is really hot these days (about 30C degrees in the room). But the problem is that it will not go off, even 2 hours after I have turned off the wheelbase. The only way to stop the fan is to unplug the power supply from the wall. And then when I plug it again it does not spin any more.

I have touched the power supply with hand and it is not hot at all, I dont understand why the fan will not stop automatically.

BTW, if that matters, my power supply was once changed by Fanatec, because it had very bad coil whine noise.


  • I wouldn't worry too much about it, mine does the same thing but I always turn it off by the wall when I'm done with my DD2.

    If it's concerning, contact Fanatec customer support, though I doubt it impacts the power supply at all.

  • I dont remove it from the wall usually. The socket is on a bit uncomfortable place to do it every time.

    I dont think that it impact the power delivery at all, it is just making noise during the night and it plays on my nerves:)

    Probably will contact the support again.

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