Order delayed 1 month, ridiculous

This is shameful...

How is it possible that they laugh at their clients?

I made a purchase worth € 2,600 on December 1, 2019. And I received a message from fanatec telling me that the shipment would be delayed until January 3, 2020. Really? Why do I pay € 42 for shipping if it takes 1 month to send it?

The excuse is that they are very busy, but to take the € 42 they were skilled ...

The only apology is a discount code for another purchase at fanatec ... After spending € 2,600 and waiting 1 month because of UPS, do you think I will buy again? RIDICULOUS


  • Joaquin, I can understand you. Just scroll down in this section and you will see I had a similar issue. Just ridiculous.

  • Tell us more. Why was it delayed?

  •  They say this: Logistics services are extremely busy at this time of year, and unfortunately your order shipping date has been pushed back due to a warehouse supply issue.

  • I feel horrible for you! Fanatec has piss poor handling of logistics. A disgrunted leader more interested making videos of himself shaving and counting money than taking care of his customers (and probably even his poor staff).

    When another company comes along, clones their devices or makes a small incremental improvement on it, you probably won't see Fanatec sticking around. They desperately need to clean their house, get rid of Thomas as the CEO (make him VP of Operations instead), hire a proper business leader, sort of the mess they consistently have with their supply chain....then they may be able to make more than their $22MM+a year.

    They should have been decent and applied at least a 10% discount to your order for your trouble. Maybe they do things different in Germany.

  • Its only a 30 days, its not the end of the world. Gives you something to look forward to after xmas.

    If this is the worst thing that ever happens to you, you are a lucky person. In no time it will be only 29 days.

    Fanatec is worth the wait!

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    I agree Tomas, it's not the end of the world, but it could be handle in a different way.

    Probably Joaquin made an order of different products, and the full order was held by one of the items (may be the 911 GT3 wheel?). When they did know about the delay, they could ship avaliable products, and he would have received it weeks ago. There should be an option in the webshop when one of the products in your order is not avaliable, make a partial shippment (with shipping cost adjustments), and then customer can decide and avoid this nasty surprises.

  • I agree that good is expected.

    But when you are going to buy something, and it puts you "in stock" you understand that once you buy it you will be ready to ship.

    But well, removing that, I said, it may be that the porsche ring is sent on the 16th as indicated, but a new surprise, the date was delayed. All right, they tell me that on the 20th, my order will be ready to ship.

    And again, another surprise, on the 20th they tell me that they are saturated and cannot send it until January 3 ...

    Now I wonder, because there are people who have bought the same or similar, they are from the same country, almost from my same region, and today they already have their dd in their house with their porsche rim?

    I do not want to shit or stain the image of fanatec, but it seems ugly that there is no decent customer service, and that if I spend 2,600 euros at least meet the proposed dates.

    (sorry for my english, i use traductor) ;)

  • Yes , the hold on one item holds all of the items is strange but we all know they do it. I didnt want the wheel to hold my whole order so I ordered everything separately and waited for shipping confirmation before ordering the next item. I pay more shipping but it is a work around.

  • Apart from low stock issues, companies do this all of the time. They don't want to spend additional monies sending/shipping partial orders and additionally, they don't want to take the risk of sending out multiple items if one of their employees makes a mistake on reading the order invoice. If that occurs, those costs get passed down the the consumer. I get your frustration.

    Here's another scenario. Pick any vendor you like. On their website it states any orders completed before a certain time gets shipped the same day. Then the order sits at the shipping depot and gets delayed. Whose fault is it? We just need to learn how to expect and accept things just don't go our way all of the time. Patience is key.

    I have a Podium Racing Wheel F1 on the way. It won't arrive until after Christmas. But guess what, those people shipping/handling that package have lives too. I'm sure they want to enjoy their holiday just like the rest of us.

    Could Fanatec have better customer support? Yes.

    Could they have a better way of contacting them? Yes.

    But Fanatec is a great company with superb products and that's why we order from them. Give them a break. They are only human.


  • Well put, alot of unreasonable complaining here. Complaining because there is a 4 day delay or that you cant use a wheel for 2 days before you go visit a family because it wasnt delivered when it should of been in your mind, for that matter complaining that something is delayed 3 weeks.

    I bet there is going to be alot of mad people here because I bet Fanatec employees take off before and after xmas.

  • yep there shipping sucks for sure.

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