ClubSport Steering Wheel R330

Anyone has info what is rim's weight/how much together with hub?


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    According to the website the UHX weighs approx. 1.76kg. I would guess the Rim itself weighs similar to the Porsche Rim with smooth leather, so around 850g.

    So around 2.6kg.

  • The R330 weighs 883g.

    The UHX weighs around 1020g with every module installed (not 1,76kg - that's the packaging weight).

    So in total around 1,9kg.

  • At some point there was information about weights in product pages, would be nice to get that back. We who don't have DD-bases need that information, cause ffb varies quite a much with lighter/heavier wheels.

  • UHX weight can be found in the Webshop description, it’s only the R330 which misses this info unfortunately.

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