Podium DD2 and Xbox/PC Universal Hub

I upgraded from a CSL Elite 1.1 wheelbase to a DD2 last week. In general I'm blown away by the increase in FFB experience but I do have an issue with my XBox/PC Universal Hub wheel which I had no issues with on the CSL Elite wheel base.

When I have the wheel installed and power on the DD2 for the first time each day the wheel does not power up. The LED display stays blank and when pressing a wheel button to acknowledge the Torque Message on the wheelbase, nothing happens. Power off the DD2 and then back on again and the wheel comes back to life and works perfectly. I've tested for repeatability over a number of days and the symptoms above are consistent.

I've also got a formula V2 wheel but that works fine at first power on every time.

Is this issue isolated to just me or has anyone else got the same issue? Given the cost of the equipment this is an annoyance that I wish to resolve. It's not an electrical connection issue as 2nd power on always works without tampering with the wheel to wheel base interface.


  • I was hoping that someone else may have experienced something similar and would be able to give some pointers.

    Any idea on how long Fanatec support normally take to respond?

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