CSL Elite Wheelbase PS4 disconnect

Hi there,

I have my CSL Elite F1 Bundle since for a month now.

Last week, the wheel suddenly disconnected from GTSport, moved to a 90degree Position, and stuck there shaking because it wanted to move further to that direction, but at 90deg there was a lock. But ingame there is no such lock at this position. The PS4 stated "controller disconnect"

I had to disconnect the base from power cord and reboot it completely to have it function normal again.

Yesterday, same issuse again.

Ive updated the base to driver 352 now.

In the driver software the base driver was 600 and is now 690 after updating the pc software to 352




  • Hola Arndt,

    me ocurre algo parecido pero en mi caso con un DD1, la base se bloquea, el volante gira solo y no hay dirección y los pedales V3 tampoco responden, creo que son fallos de electrónica y software porque me sigue fallando con la última actualización de los drivers 352 beta...

    Estoy esperando a ver que me contestan el soporte de fanatec...

    si te enteras de algo te agradecería lo compartieras...

    un saludo y gracias.


  • Gonna keep my eyes peeled on this thread for comments because I had experienced controller disconnection issues previously too, and also with the in-game screen in Pcars 2 jumping from the Pits to the "Invites" screen. Mine is CSL Elite PS4 though.

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