New Podium DD1 Wheelbase and Formula V2 Combo - Cannot now reconnect to XBox One X.

I just received delivery of a Podium DD1 Wheelbase from Fanatec. Connected my Formula V2 Wheel to it. Started up F1 2020 on the XBox One X. It worked fine right out of the box. Just updated the Firmware for the Podium DD1 wheelbase and Formula V2 wheel this morning. On restarting it, the wheel and wheelbase are not recognized by nor functioning with the XBox One X. Anyone else experience this? If so, how did you address and remedy this disconnect?

In the Podium DD1 Unit LCD Screen, it appears that the unit is in "PC" mode. Cannot recall if it was registering in a different or an XBox mode when it was previously working just fine.

The DD1 Unit itself appears operable, yet the Formula V2 Wheel has no function in the interfacing with the XBox One X at all. Any similar experiences? Resources to or suggestions to remedy the situation? Thanks for any help or guidance.


  • You need to switch to Xbox Mode for the Base to work on your Xbox.

    This is documented in the quickquide of your steering wheel.

  • Sascha: Thank you. Reloaded the firmware and followed your guidance. It is now operational again. I am most grateful for your time and input. It helped clear the obstacle.

  • Which buttons on your wheel did you have to use in order to switch modes ?

  • It really depends on the the steering wheel, but most of the time it is the lower left and then one of the upper right buttons.

    For the Fv2 it is the upper right button in the middle and on the BME the top right button.

  • Sascha and Peter:

    Great exchange and guidance on dialing in the settings to get back to the XBox X on switching modes. Made it a lot easier!

    And on my Podium, it is the Upper Right Middle Button - "Y" Button - and the Lower Left "Double Menu" Button.

    Thanks, again!

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  • Jeff: That is a very serious charge to level against Peter Castelline. As evidence and confirmation of the truth behind your statement, what evidence exists? Specifically: When, how, and in what amounts has he stolen money from other forum participants?

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