CSW V1.5 Diconnect / connect

Hi there, after years of using the V1.5, it starts to disconnect and connect while im racing??

It starts most of the time, after like 10 to 15 minutes. After the first time it happens every 5 minutes.

It disconnects (hear the windows sound in my VR headset) and then it connects again and does a calibration round.

After that, my FFB is tottaly not working anymore and need to reset the game.

Any ideas and or solutions for this? Ive read it could be that the FFB motors could be worn out, or the pcb board?

Thanks in advance gentleman.



  • Zee Germans are on vacation.

  • You could check whether it's the USB cable or connectors by wiggling the cable and connectors and see if it disconnects.

    If that is all OK, it may be the electronics of the wheel. Did you notice whether it disconnects when turning the wheel? If yes, then that may hint at a motor issue.

    Did you try another USB port on your PC, to rule out a bad USB port?

  • Alle USB cabels are replaced, replaced the ffb motorblock, reinstalled windows, testes on all USB ports, but the problem is still there.

    After 5 minutes, the wheel disconnect and re-connect again.

    Had contact with Fanatec, there is no replcement PCB board available and i need to buy a new wheel....

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