Clubsport Pedals V3 - Left foot brake config without clutch

Hello, I’m willing to make an upgrade to Clubsport V 3 pedals; however I’m playing only formula racing games; So No need for clutch pedals; question can these pedals be configured without clutch (as with the Elite pedals); any input is welkome; Regards, fhoos


  • I guess you could dismantle the pedals and remove the clutch, but they aren't designed to be removed like the CSL pedals. You could remove the plate from the clutch pedal and move the brake plate over to the left.

  • You would have to do some heavy modding to slide the brake over, I think somebody tried this and found some of the wires were to short, you can move the brake pedal face to left some.

  • I have this exact configuration.

    It is possible to dismantle the Pedals, change Clutch to center and brake to left, WITHOUT modding anything!

    You have to be VERY careful dimantling them, because the wires to the Pedals are just as long as they have to be. But it is absolutley possible.

    Most difficult on it are the Aluminium Bracers spacing the pedals, as you have to juggle them to the right spaces, otherwise you won't get the sideplate reattatched.

  • i'm hoping to remove my clutch pedal as well. do you have any pics of the result? was it worth the hassle and do i need to buy spacers to fill in the void left behind by the clutch?

  • It is possible :)

  • Confirmed it's possible, I couldn't easily get any aluminium tube of the correct diameter, so I ended up just swapping the brake & clutch pedals around.

    It's definitely not an easy job!

  • I ended up designing a set of replacement spacers to get the brake positioned where I wanted it to be. Check it out here:

    I have a link to the thingiverse files in the video description too if you have a 3d printer and want your own. I also included a link if you want to buy some.

    My knee feels so much better after doing this! Highly recommended. Would be cool for Fanatec to include this as part of the pedals :D

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