Universal Hub LED display - it only displays the Gear, I want to see speed

Hi guys!

Just got the CSL elite wheel base and the Universal hub. The LED on the hub is only displaying the gears, I want to see the speed only. I've played about with the FanaLab settings but its not changing.. Need some help! Thanks


  • You need to follow the FanaLab steps (Enable Telemetry, Enable FanaLab Support), then set Speed to be displayed constant.

    In game make sure you have every LED setting disabled.

  • I followed the steps

    Enable Telemetry: Says for iRacing "no setup necessary"

    Enable FanaLab Support: it says go to OPTIONS>EXTERNAL DISPLAY> Set 'use fanatec shift ind' to unchecked ....... There is nothing that says 'use fanatac shift ind'

  • Yes because it was renamed to something else in iRacing but should be easy to find.

  • Seem to have figured it out.. on an other forum someone suggested unchecking 'use wheel shift indicator' ... Would never have figured. Seems a bit of a fudge and not great that Fanatec havnt updated the instructions. Anyway, thanks for your help!

  • It's updated in the next Fanalab version.

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