DD1 just died and will no longer power on


After 5 days the DD1 just decided to power off mid game and will no longer power back on. When I try to turn it back on it makes a weird chirp sound then does nothing else. When I turn the wheel its notchy rather than smooth so there is something going on inside. Ive raised a ticket with Support but not holding my breath on a quick resolution. Im now regretting buying this DD1 as its already been a painful 5 days of downloading and re downloading drivers.

Any thoughts anyone..... Help needed please


  • Hi Andrew, the good news is that notchy feeling is normal when it's powered off - the shaft has a number of fixed permanent magnets around it's perimeter, these surround a fixed structure with electric wiring that generates magnetic force from the controller. Without power this internal structure is just a bunch of metal and the metal inside will naturally react to the spacing of the outer magnets and it feels 'notchy' - you don't feel this when the base is on because the inner magnets are energized by the controller and they are updated constantly in relation to their position so that you the user feels a constant resistance.

    Ok so thats' the good news.

    The bad news is that something's likely wrong with your wheelbase so here's the fastest path to resolution:

    1) Confirm the green light on the powersupply is lit (It seems silly but others have reported the AC part of the cord was only partially plugged in and came loose)

    2) Disconnect pedals, USB cable and power from the DD1 and reconnect only power and see if it still makes the chirp.

    2a) If the DD1 is mounted to a rig, remove it from the rig and place it on a non-conductive surface like cardboard and repeat the test.

    Ok now assuming all this is unsuccessful:

    You will want to open a support ticket - but this is very important - you cannot update the ticket after you submit it - so you want to include ALL details in the ticket for fastest service - this will include a video of what is happening.

    What happens next is up to fanatec, but my own experience has been that they might ask you to try a few things, and then will issue an RMA.

  • Same thing happened to my DD2. First, they sent me a new psu, which didn’t solve issue. Just rma’d the base back to them last week. If you want to save time, send videos with email. It’s taking a few days for each response so the more you can send at one time, the better, because they’re going to ask. Just be ahead of their questions, if you can. The good part is they didn’t hassle me, just questions. The bad part is time between emails.

  • Hello - Thanks for the replies. Ive sent a video of what happens when I try to power on. Interestingly I noticed that the green light on the power pack goes dull when I push the power button and it takes about 20 seconds or so to brighten back up again. I’m hoping it’s just a power pack issue. Fingers crossed.

  • Hopefully that look above works so you can see what the unit does when trying to turn it on. Anyone else seen this before? I’m hoping it’s just a power pack issue. The 14 day return policy is running out so hoping Fanatec get in touch soon to either fix it or allow a standard return. So disappointed with this...

  • Just for curiosity does anyone know why the brightness of the LED changes when powering on the wheel?

    Is that normal, intended behavior? What voltage is the LED indicating? Line input voltage or regulated output voltage?

  • Sorry to necro, but did you find a solution to this?

  • did you get a new power supply from fanatec??

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