CSL Elite V1.1 WBase + Clubsport wheel with universal hub for XBOX and BME setup issues

I recently purchased the podium button module endurance and have fitted it carefully to my Universal Hub for XBox after removing all the button switches that came with the clubsport wheel for XBox.

I attached the Universal hub complete with BME to the CSL elite V1.1 wheel base which is running Firmware level 656 & Wheel Base Motor 22. I disconnected the CSL wheel base USB cable end from the xBox OneX and connected it to my Surface Pro PC (w64bit). I turned on the wheel CSL wheel base and the steering wheel went through its calibration sequence AND CENTERED. Once that finished I switched the mode button to red so it remained in PC mode. I then loaded the latest 64Bit driver for the Endurance module which asked me to load both the Fanatec_driver_356 and then the FanaLab_v1-24_beta which I did.

Unfortunately nothing now works and the Fanalab software does not recognize any of the attached components (I'm also using the V3 pedal box). Initially it was just the endurance module that wasn't recognised by the Fanalab software but then everything disappeared. When I view the Fanatec Wheel Property page I can only see the XBox game controller and I can no longer see the Wheel Base which was visible at first.

I tried to reload/repair the software multiple times but nothing seemed to make a difference. Maybe I need to start from scratch again? I not sure where to begin. Can you recommend an approach that might work for me.


  • The Button Module Endurance is actually only compatible to the Podium DD Bases!

    Its not even confirmed that there will be a firmware update at some point to make it compatible with the CSL 1.1 so you better return the BME.

    Regarding driver issues, please try a different USB port.

    Uninstall Driver, reboot the pc, install new driver, reboot the pc again. All with the Base powered on, this should work...

  • Thanks for clarifying Maurice. I purchased my Fanatec bundle from Pagnian imports in Australia who confirmed compatibility with XBox One. Looks like I'm going to have ask them to explain how they missed this.

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