DD1 + Formula V2 & BMW GT wheel stops working after half a lap in different sims


Have a DD1 and Formula V2 & BMW wheels. Problem started a few days ago and wheels would stop responding and random times - had to power of and on agin the base. Now the wheel stops responding after about half to one lap in F12020 (Pc mode), AMS2 & PC2 (2.5 mode). Tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers 346, 352, 365 and same problem now every time. Really frustrating as have only had the setup for a 3 weeks and now can't use it at all. Have opened support ticket and PM to Marcel and hoping to resolve situation - anyone had this issue, any resolution? Using Win 10 64bit. Help!!


  • Does turning still work, and it's only the buttons/display/etc that stop working?

  • I think you should uninstall all drivers and fanalab, then download fanalab and only driver 352... I had a similar issue hopefully this helps :)

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    Thanks Weston - I had a message from Marcel and uninstalled everything. Reinstalled new drivers, moved USB into new port, set auto power off in all usb devices in windows and working so far doing a few races in PC2 as a test. Marcel was fantastic getting in touch so quickly - heard nothing from support though!

    Will update you guys in a couple of days and nervous to re-install fanalab though!!

  • Hi Jack,

    It just stopped responding and the car would just keep going in whatever direction it was moving - no buttons, steering, anything. I have to reset the DD1 (I have a separate reset power switch), come out of the game or often restart the PC. Would then work for a lap or half a lap any do it again. Same issue in PC2, AMS2, ACC & F12020 both PC & CSW 2.5 comp mode.

    So far, Marcels suggestions have fixed this and I will keep testing over the next few days and report back.

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