New disappointed Customer - 365 driver freezing and issues with rollback to 346


I really hope someone can offer some advice please as I am rapidly losing confidence in the quality of these "high end" products.

I have had the DD1 and Formula V2 bundle for a couple of weeks now.

Originally i installed the 346 driver and things seemed ok. One day I booted my PC up to find that all of the game profiles in Fanalabs 1.12 were gone so I couldn't set them up for ACC and iracing.

Tried reinstalling several times but no success so I "upgraded" to the 365 drivers and Fanalab 1.23 beta in an effort to resolve the problem and enjoy some of the new features.

After some fiddling with the config I got reasonably happy with the FFB but then the DD1 crashed, no button responses and the wheel spinning continuously until I pulled the cable out. A known issue for several months now I believe.

I tried to replicate the issue again and 4 minutes from the end of a 2 hour race on ACC the same thing happened. The ironic thing is it was right in front of the Podium in-game advertising in ACC.

I have seen other posts related to this saying to go back to 346. The issue I now have is I can't go back to 346 and use Fanalabs as 1.23 doesn't work with the old drivers and I can't load the profiles in 1.12 as outlined above.

I did see a post from the Fanatec website in relation to the 1.12 issue but it was removed so I had to view it via google cache... There was no resolution offered and the staff member simply said it would be fixed in an upcoming release.

I've just spent 2k on something which is proving to be less reliable than my G29.

I would be very grateful if someone could offer some advice as it feels like im stuck between a rock and a hard place with a significantly lighter wallet for my troubles.

I was super excited to get these products but the gloss is rapidly wearing off.



  • I hade thoose problems to,

    Try updating WITHOUT ure Wheel attached to the base.

    If i do that way its always works, with wheel on the base the same problems

  • Hi Daniel, what wheel rim do you have?

    I think there was an additional firmware for the Formula V2, though I don't think it should result in freespinning.

    I have the same setup and have never experienced this, but I play much shorter practice laps.

    You may want to confirm that when you went to 365, you updated the driver (365) then the firmware for the base, then the firmware for the motor, and finally there is that patch for the Formula wheel that's in the comments here somewhere.

    Beyond that, do you know to leave the DD1 on the base screen that says Fanatec, and not to bring up the cool stat screens? Those are buggy at the moment.

    Note that if you decide to go back to 346, you need to first uninstall the driver 365, and then reboot windows.

    Then install 346, and I believe it will ask you reboot windows again.

    Then you will need to downflash the firmware for the base, and the motor (i'm not sure if the wheel needs this downgrade)

    Also, most people get the firmware, but some people miss key steps, In your case, since you're having issues, I'd reccomend finding a firmware update video on youtube and just make sure you're not missing any steps - that flash screen comes on and it's not entirely clear that you have to click on connect and then the other button to start the flash process - my friend just exited that screen thinking it was done.

  • Hi Jack

    Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I think you might be on to something in relation to the stats screen.

    I had it up because I was in the final stages of refining the FFB config on both occasions and was interested in the torque being generated by my settings.

    I'll try going back to 365 and see if I can replicate the fault.

    I drove around on ACC for an hour last night on 346 crashing into things at high speed as I read on one of the posts it might be when the FFB spikes and no reset occurred.

    Hopefully your suggestion works on 365.

    I'll report back either way in case it helps others or helps isolate the problem.

    I otherwise love this setup but I can't even consider online racing if I'm going to screw up others people's races.


  • Hi Daniel,

    If you downgraded again to 346 and didn't do the correct steps and actually downgraded the Firmware as well the this might be the cause of the freezes.

    More over in the 365 beta discussions in this forum there is a hex file I think that is posted (to be uploaded to the driver manually) regarding the freezing issues or at least for the gears.

    I run drivers 356 with firmware I think 670 and using the porsche podium wheel. Haven't crashed once. Also not using the live telemetry screens, since I have heard that might be a reason for the freezing of the entire wheel base.

  • Thanks Alexandros.

    I'm back on 365 now so I'll avoid the telemetry at all costs and see if the problem re-occurs.

    If anyone knows a way of trying to force the DD1 freeze to occur I'm more than happy to do some testing as I much prefer the FFB in 365 to 346.

  • Thanks to Jack, Jur and Alexandros for coming back to me on this. So far so good but only time will tell.

    No thanks whatsoever to Fanatec who seem to spend all their money and time on marketing and not helping their Customers.

    You should probably re-brand to Pathetec

  • edited August 2020

    Well actually we learned on the "way" while using our products and from what Fanatec personnel or beta testers like Maurice have written in this forum mate.

    So at the end, somehow is thanks to Fanatec. 😁

    Enjoy racing. 😎

  • Fair comment

    As long as it keeps working I'll be happy. :)

    Thanks again for your help.

  • FYI. A new driver has literally just been released today which refers to the freeze issue. I haven't tried it yet but it's on the link below.

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