Using Universal Hub Xbox with PS4?

I’d like to buy a wheel (R330) that is ‘PS4 Ready’ but uses the hub mentioned in the title. 

Reading through the manual it states that “Operating the PlayStation4 dashboard, PlayStation button, share button and touch pad surface of the original PlayStation4 controller are not supported by FANATEC wheel bases and you need the original con-troller for these functionalities and features.”

How do you activate the wheel without a PS button? This is what I currently press to bring up the ‘use controller’ screen on the PlayStation. 

The other Fanatec wheels I use (Mc GT3 wheel and F1 2020 rims) with my base (DD1 PS4) have the PS button mapped to the wheel, so this issue isn’t a problem with them. 

I’m probably missing something simple here, but don’t want to invest in a wheel that won’t work well with my setup. Cheers!


  • Would like to know the answer to this myself. My NASCAR wheel and universal hub will be here tomorrow and would like to use it in NASCAR heat 5. However you must start the game with the wheel to use it. If you start with controller you can’t switch to the wheel without using the ps button on the wheel to get it connected. Already thinking I’m going to have to send this back, any help would be appreciated. Searched all over the internet and YouTube with no luck in finding a solution. Thanks again

  • Forgot to mention this is used with the podium f1 wheel base. I know how to switch to PS4 mode it’s the ps button I’m worried about to get the PS4 to recognize the wheel.

  • The manual says there is no PS button support, but is that button really needed?

    What happens if you turn on the PS4 with the power switch and then just use buttons on the wheel to start your game?

  • The rotary Button with the Xbox or fanatec logo is a PS Button. At least in R330 wheel.

  • What If you start The game with a another wheel and then change the NASCAR wheel. I think that would work

  • There is ps button support with the podium f1 for PS4 wheel base. Just not sure about other wheels that use the universal hub. Guess I will find out tomorrow when the NASCAR wheel and hub arrive. Will post any and all results here for others that are interested. Thanks for the replies.

  • The Universal hub for xbox since it has assigned PS4 button in the manual it will work like in all other wheels that are using the Universal hub.

    The Funky switch with the Xbox logo is used as a PS button to assign as controller. Only difference from all other wheel that are using this hub is the rim (R330). Well at least to my limited knowledge.

  • So, thanks for the replies, after receiving my NASCAR wheel with the universal hub I can confirm full functionality with the PS4. After switching to PS4 mode the funky switch does in fact become the PS button. Thanks again for the responses.

  • Thanks Nick and Alexandros! With the new update also sorting out the UHX button issue I’ve ordered my R330 yesterday. Cheers guys.

  • Also, thank you Chris! Enjoy your new wheel mate.

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