Quite Frustrated at the moment

Hi Fanatec,

I am a new customer just entering the world of Sim Racing, and have made a substantial order with you with the expectation that it was available to be delivered prior to January 11, as I am travelling to the US and would bring it back with me and save on duty/brokerage costs.

Your website listed that the items were available immediately and I expected that there would be no issue (as that is how most of the world conducts business).

I received an update changing the order to January 26 due to the Porsche Wheel having some launch issues. I checked again a few days later and the delivery dated was again changed to January 16.

I had sent an email during your holiday (everyone is entitled to those) requesting that at least a portion of my order be sent ASAP so I can use the border credit, but unfortunately I have not received a response. Furthermore, I went to login today, and my username and password now do not work (I have not changed anything, and my request to change my password did not show up in my inbox, leading me to suspect either you are engaged in fraudulent behaviour, your site was hacked, or you are doing some form of maintenance on the system without letting anyone know (which would be horrible policy that even the smallest of businesses know better).

You are holding my money, and lying to me about deliveries. No email correspondence. The changing of dates is affecting me financially, and I can't even access my account to cancel my order should I wish to do so.

This is COMPLETELY unacceptable for even the most basic of moral and ethical business practices.

I am highly considering going with another more reliable vendor for my needs if this is how you conduct your business.

I require a response immediately if you want to do business with me going forward.


  • Update - Login now works, so I assume that was a maintenance issue.....

    Now if we can just communicate about the order dates, that would be great.


  • Still no comment or response, now January 8. I have a hard time imagining this as a policy when selling boutique items costing thousands of dollars.... HOW CAN YOU AFFORD TO NOT ANSWER EMAILS TO CUSTOMERS? Is having someone to address these legitimate concerns such a high cost that you would rather save a few bucks and make all of these people upset and disappointed in your brand? I have a hard time seeing the net positive in this decision.

    Regardless of the size of your company, you have to consider the cost of NOT doing something (like answer emails over THE BUSIEST TIME OF THE YEAR).

    I'm sorry, but I am just shaking my head..... Can someone explain what I am missing here?

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    You're expecting a reasonable level of customer service and response time relative to the amount of money that you spent/ intend on spending. This expectation is wrong. Instead, you should have no expectations on schedule. This business is at their own liberty to change delivery commitments without notice. Over the holiday break, a couple folks have documented that their $1500 direct drive bases stopped functioning under warranty. You can read about their personal experiences documented throughtout the forum. They too haven't received a response on how to go about secruring a warranty replacement or repair.

    Also want to add: if you still decide on pursuing your order, your expectation of after sales service and support isn't going to change from what you're feeling right now.

  • I don't think the amount of money I am spending is relevant to ME, but it should be to YOU. I expect a consistent level of service for any service or product that I decide to buy, whether it is $5,000 on sim equipment or toilet paper. I have NOT been impressed by the communication I have received back from you or your service team. When I get an email from you about my concern that says "I should have done something different", that is less than helpful. I have included the email below. Here's an idea, how about you fix the damn order for me and attempt to solve the problem rather than say I did something wrong. Maybe your website should make it crystal clear that my whole order will be delayed due to the one item? Maybe it should automatically split it apart as default like Amazon does?

    Anyhow, I am even less impressed now than I was before. I will take my business elsewhere, there are lots of products on the market that are very similar and perhaps they have an attitude and culture more suited to my expectations. You really do not do yourself any favors commenting the way you do. It's a very smug, this is how it is kind of attitude that will not help you get further along in your company.

    Hello Daryn,

    thanks for your message. I'm sorry for the delay.

    The Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R Suede is on preorder until 01/26/2020. When placing your order you could have selected your order to be partially shipped.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Best regards / Freundliche GrüßeSabrina Haberl

    (Fanatec Sales Team)

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