Clubsport v3 peddles

Been racing about 4 mos. Currently racing a road course where braking is key. Isn't there supposed to be a vibration motor that kicks in when you reach a desired bracking pressure. I went into my menu and don't see BRF as a menu setting and says in manual its supported.


  • Brf is only available when you connect the pedals to a Fanatec Wheel Base.

    However, Brf is not responsible for vibrations. What you are looking for is the BLI setting (previously called ABS).

    Or you use Fanalab to get real Telemetry based vibrations instead of the fake one which BLI provides.

  • I have set the abs to 80 and still don't feel anything. This fanalab is it a app? I am using a clubsport wheelbase v2.5

    I wish fanatec made it easier for newbies to understand all the possible setting and tricks etc i find there manuals junk.

  • can any one tell me what combined pedals mean ? and do i need it on when using the rg12 lead instead of usb ?

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